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The Dublin Central Local Elections and byelection Promotional Material – Ivana Bacik of the Labour Party… Part 16 of a continuing series. May 30, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material.

I’ve been surprised by how little material I’ve received from Ivana Bacik during this campaign. I don’t know why that is. I will say that after x number of weeks of posters and flyers ever I who has more than a usual interest in such things really would like a bit of a break from it. So roll on next Friday and Saturday [BTW, my thoughts such as they are on the latest poll I’ll post up over the next day or two, all I’ll say now is that it’s great that the left in all its shapes and forms is doing so well in Dublin]. And I’ll bet the candidates are counting down the days. Nah, strike that, I know they are. And the canvassers.

Still, the weather’s good, the anger at the doors is probably manageable (depending on who you are) and really, what better things do politicians and entourages have to be doing? Perhaps better to keep them on the streets…




1. Garibaldy - May 30, 2009

Bit of a rubbish leaflet seeing as it seems to have no input from the candidate herself.


2. Damian O'Broin - May 30, 2009

I think the late start has been a drawback for Ivana – we haven’t received a leaflet or a canvasser here yet, and I think there probably wasn’t the time to cover the ground.


3. splinteredsunrise - May 30, 2009

Yes, if you pick an articulate candidate you want her to have an input. I’ve got a Jim Allister newsletter, and it’s rather good. I suspect Jim wrote most of it himself.


4. Dermot - June 2, 2009

the other side of that leaflet had an input from ivana


5. Big Yellow Taxi - June 2, 2009

it had three sides? cool, how exactly was that done?


6. WorldbyStorm - June 2, 2009

BYT… 🙂

I think not Dermot. That’s the Litir Um Thogchain and the *only* literature from her to drop through my letterbox in three weeks.


7. alastair - June 3, 2009

I’ve just got some new Ivana propaganda through the door – if you want it scanned let me know.

Bonus points for mentioning the Nazis – surely a Dublin Central leaflet first?


8. Garibaldy - June 3, 2009

Don’t know about WBS Alastair, but I certainly want to see it.


9. alastair - June 3, 2009

Just shot that over to WBS’ email.


10. Garibaldy - June 3, 2009

Cool Alastair. Thanks.


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