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The Dublin European Elections Promotional Material – Maureen O’Sullivan, Independent… Part 19 of a continuing series. June 4, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material, Irish Politics.

Not hugely different from a previous leaflet which is in this series. You’ll see that there’s more biographical material…




1. Eamonn - June 4, 2009

This is the leaflet I mentioned. Although it says Dublin Central, it does not mention the By Election. One of the canvassers said they may be planning to use them again in a general election if this one fails. I also noted Gregorys brother’s critical comments about Burke using a picture of Gregory on his leaflet. I would have thought that Burke was entitled to use this as they did work together.


2. Brian - June 5, 2009

Ithink that most people in the area are aware that there are three elections going on. As an independent grouping the fight to retain Gregory’s seat and O’ Sullivans council seat do not allow for the printing of endless fliers. We, as a group of independent local campaigners do not have the resources to do this.
About the Burke issue. There are lots of photos to use and the use of the picture with Tony in the Wheelock march along with the tone and content of the card gave a subliminal message that there was a link between Burke and Gregory. Certainly there was , they both represented the same area, they both had a lefyt wing perspective and cooperated on many issues , but then so did a lot of other activists in the area. It created the untrue myth that Burke was following on in the legacy that Topny left.
The real point of the matter is that Gregory remained Independent and answered only to the citizens of Dublin Central whereass Burke is a member of a 32 county political party and is subservient to the whoip of that party that takes priority over the needs of the people of Dublin Central. That is why we areee Independent.
Incedentally Indepent Fianna Fail Canditate Niall Ring also claims that it was Gregory who showed him that the Indepent way is best, another cheap quote to try and garner a few more votes. Although it is about votes it is also about people, they are the primary concern , not the lust for more seats in the Council/Dail.
Today is the reckoning of the work over the last 27 1/2 years and I have faith in the voters of Dublin Central to return Maureen O Sullivan as the canditate who best represents the ideals and politics of the late Tony Gregory.


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