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The Dublin European Elections Promotional Material – Patricia McKenna, Independent… Part 21 of a continuing series. June 4, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Dublin Central Local Election and By-Election Promotional Material, Irish Politics.

This is, to date, the only literature I’ve received from Patricia McKenna, which is pretty astounding when you think about it, unless I’m simply very very unlucky and everyone else has been getting piles of leaflets. Doesn’t it show the efficacy of a ‘name’ in politics?




1. P - June 5, 2009

Someone was saying that she was shoe shopping two weeks ago, and I saw her wandering about town with shopping bags a few days ago. Not exactly uncharacteristic, from what I hear of her past campaigns.


2. Mark P - June 5, 2009

Are you under the impression that candidate’s cease to need clothing and food during their campaigns? Perhaps you think that she should go door to door barefoot?

I hate to break this to you, but candidates still have lives. They still sleep and eat and crap and maybe even buy shoes.


3. Mark P - June 5, 2009

Aaargh. Sorry about that apostrophe.


4. Joe - June 5, 2009

IIRC, she was the first to use bigger posters in her first campaign. All parties copied her after that. And she came from nowhere in that campaign to win a seat – which is always a potential outcome in the Euros, a candidate that people latch onto as a protest against the usual lot cos “yis are all the same”. In that first campaign, she didn’t use a lot of posters, just bigger and recyclable and all those appearances in the audience of Questions and Answers paid off. She has three kids and apparently they need clothes and food too so maybe she was shopping for them…
Like WBS, I don’t think I got anything in the door from her, not even a posted freebie – and I only live around the corner.
She still got my no.2 though but I’m hoping Joe will be there long enough for that not to matter much.


5. Desmond O'Toole - Party of European Socialists (PES activists Dublin) - June 5, 2009

I see that Patricia is still making the thoroughly discredited claim in her leaflet that some 80% of our laws come from Brussels. A recent investigation by the House of Commons Library demonstrated that barely 9% of the UK’s laws originate in Brussels. Is Patricia simply uninformed on this issue, or is it too good a claim to let a little truth get in the way of it?


6. WorldbyStorm - June 5, 2009

Yep, I’ve got to be honest, that claim also really irritates me. It’s so easily disprovable. But for me a greater problem is that she’s a tad inconsistent in that she pretty much argues all environmental legislation from the EU should be assimilated into our legislation while somehow balking or seeming to at least other legislation…


7. CMK - June 5, 2009

What percentage is it, then? If it’s less than 80%?

And, is it not a bit much trying to refute a point made by an Irish politician with an example drawn from the UK?

A more interesting question is how much of EU law that is ultimately transposed into Irish law is effectively drafted by capitalist lobby groups?

How many members of the “Party of European Socialists” maintain close links with capitalist lobby groups? How many members and affiliates of the “Party of European Socialists” actively lobby to get European directives that run counter to the interests of workers, passed through the EU legislative process? How many “Party of European Socialists” affiliates are paid lobbyists for business in Brussels. Since this group of “socialists” includes blatantly neo-liberal parties its a far more interesting question to ask what their role is in stopping the creation of more anti-worker neo-liberal directives from Brussels.

The Corporate Europe Observatory do a lot of good work on the process of law formation in Brussels. http://www.corporateeurope.org

Also, regardless of what percentage of our laws are transposed from EU directives another big question is the role of the European Court of Justice in interpreting these laws. As Alan Supiot makes clear in a recent interview this body is now decisively, after enlargement in 2004, committed to “enforcing downward competition between European workers”. http://www.newleftreview.org/?page=article&view=2780#_edn6

Are the “Party of European Socialists” going to push for the overturning of the Viking, Laval and Ruffert precedents??

Personally, I’m moving from an anti-EU position to one where I can see the pros as well as the cons. But what annoys the bejesus out of me are lectures by seemingly completely uncritical EU evangelists from the PES who appear to genuinely believe that the EU is a workers paradise. A view that’s as deluded as those who view N. Korea or Cuba as a paradise for workers.

Patricia McKenna is playing a bit fast and loose with the “truth” on this issue, but no less than our PES representatives here who appear blithely untroubled by the ever hardening of neo-liberalism within all the EU institutions.

This latter is more important surely for self-styled “socialists” than anything Patricia McKenna might or might not say?


8. alastair - June 5, 2009

What percentage is it, then? If it’s less than 80%?

WBS had an interesting post on this a while back:


9. CMK - June 5, 2009

OK, thanks. A bit more clarity.


10. WorldbyStorm - June 5, 2009

No worries CMK, hope that’s useful. I agree that there is often a far far too overly uncritical view from PES members across the EU.


11. CMK - June 5, 2009

Yes, there is. Not only the democratic deficit, but also the attempts to constitutionalise neo-liberalism and the tenets of free-market capitalism. Even for the softer, woollier, Labour support there should be enough evidence of the fundamental problems to give pause before pontificating on the wonderfulness of the EU. I’ve seen scant acknowledgement from Labour over the years that the EU is deeply problematic in its current structure and direction of its policy making.


12. alastair - June 5, 2009

The EU was born from, and has always been driven by markets and capitalism. It’s rather late to condemn them for that fact – which is a simple reflection of the societies that it operates within.

I’m at a loss as to where the ‘constitutionalism of neo-liberalism’ kicked off though.


13. Ivan Stojanovic | Digital Footprint - June 10, 2009

In the online field she hasn’t done much of the ‘Marketing’ as well:


‘Online presence is actaulally just one quite ’static’ and non-interactive web site. And a Facebook Profile that is an hours worth of effort.’


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