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Better late than never… Loyalist decommissioning… and note the choreography… June 27, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, Northern Ireland.

It’s taken a while, hasn’t it? But it is better that it happens than otherwise. Still, isn’t there a sense of ‘we’ll all jump together lads’ on this one, given that the UVF, the UDA and the RHC (still extant – who’d have think it?) decided to move as one?


1. micko - June 28, 2009

Whilst this fan fair by the national & international media circus over the loyalist parmailitary announcement is all well and good, it’s nothing to write home about!! The largest loyalist group, the UDA, is still in the act of discussion on disarming their weapons with the IICD. However, not during any of the loyalist paramilitary statements on their “momentus” decision was there an apology, acknowledge or ounce of remorse shown to the near 1,000 sectarian killings they perpetrated upon the Catholic people!! So I suppose thats all well and good then in the name of political progress…..


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