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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Endless Boogie August 8, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Now this you’ve got to see. Endless Boogie, claimed to be New York’s greatest contemporary musical secret. So what do we get? We get traditional boogie, not dissimilar to Canned Heat, or even better ZZ Top in their earlier 1970s incarnation, but with a curiously motorik feel in places enlivened by vocals that barely move beyond a caterwaul but somehow seem appropriate for all that. With track names such as ‘smoking figs in the yard’, ‘steak rock’ and ‘The Manly Vibe’ there’s no surprises.

They’re no spring chickens either, Top Dollar, the vocalist/guitarist is – beyond his pseudonym – a well known record dealer. But somehow that adds to the overall charm of the outfit. I like to see people my age or even a bit older enjoying themselves (by the by has anyone seen contemporary footage of Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet… wow, aging disgracefully, more power to him). 🙂

Chug chug chug. Boogie boogie boogie. It’s endless… y’see?

Smoking Figs in the Yard

Steak Rock

The Manly Vibe

Live Track

Live track 2


1. sonofstan - August 8, 2009

Nice stuff…..Kind of fits in with a lot of fairly mindless early 70s stuff I’ve been getting into recently (stuff i had far too much taste to like back then) – Groundhogs, Humble Pie, the fabulous T2…

Disconcertingly though, a search for more on EB turned up an article in the Specatator. Bet the man never wrote about the ‘Heat.


2. WorldbyStorm - August 8, 2009

That’s great you like them. They’re er… meditative… in long doses. One sorts of tunes out and then tunes back to find the same riff going, but it’s not Yeah Humble Pie were v. good. To my shame I’ve never heard the Groundhogs… must go and look for them… (I see on wiki they had an album called Thank God for the Bomb released in 1970… kudos to them for irony). Or T2. Oversights I will rectify.

On a slight tangent, I think it’s interesting how concepts of taste and cool operate when one is younger, both being a spur and a block on the development of knowledge. I may have said this before, but I was in the SoundCeller, reknowned for metal, back in the early 80s, perhaps 83 or so and picking up a couple of metal albums and also threw the second New Order album into the mix and IIRC a Teardrop Explodes album as well. And it was amazing the chill that descended and I was actually asked… ‘are you really listening to that?’.


3. Crocodile - August 8, 2009

I like the bit in the ‘Spectator’ article about their having only one friend on Myspace.
EB’s album is available on emusic if you’re a subscriber.
The Sound Cellar was run for many years – and maybe still is – by a guy called Tommy Tighe. Someone of the same name has had a few letters published in the IT recently. He may have looked askance at your New Order album, but he did me the favour of telling me to put The Stranglers’ debut back on the shelf and take ‘The Clash’ instead – they came out on the same day.


4. sonofstan - August 8, 2009

Hung out in the Sound cellar most mornings for the year i was supposed to be repeating my leaving…… Tommy was very cool about it: but then i would generally spend the proceeds of my Sat/Sun job there most monday mornings….

The Groundhogs album to look for is Split – It’s Hard rock without being metal if you know what i mean; same general area as Hawkwind or Pink Fairies. The T2 album “It’ll all work out in Boomland” (the draft title of the FF election manifesto in ’07?) is an amazing lost record – I only got it recently, on vinyl, I’m afraid, so can’t share, but i reckon googling will turn up a DL. And Keith Cross, the guitar player on that record (17 when it was made! universities are killing music) made an equally fine but utterly different record a few years later called Bored Civilians with a guy call Peter Ross, so, with stunning vision, they called themselves Cross and Ross …. it was clearly about the music, man. Anyway, I know that’s out there in blogworld and well worth it.


5. Crocodile - August 8, 2009

Type ‘Tommy Tighe’ into Youtube and get a great interview about metal with a pubescent Ray D’arcy.


6. WorldbyStorm - August 8, 2009

I think it was the electronic thing Crocodile. After all, he still stocked it whatever his feelings about it. BTW emusic is where I found the EB album!

sonofstan, ta for that. I’ll definitely check both out. Was a bit perturbed to discover today that Larry Wallis of Pink Fairies fame briefly wound up in UFO.


7. Phil - August 12, 2009

I like the ‘meditative’ comment – something they share with the ‘motorik’ (i.e. “drumming that sounds like Thomas Dinger”) end of Krautrock. Reminded me a bit of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – another bunch of raucous noisemerchants who tended to hit a groove and not let go.


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