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Irish Left Archive [Remembering 1969]: Irish Republican Army Statement – August 1969 August 17, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive (Remembering 1969), Sinn Féin.

August-1969008 cover


A short document, signed by Cathal Goulding, that outlines the rationale the IRA was using at this point in time.

Note that it asserts that…

Already Northern units of the IRA have been in action in defence of the lives and homes of the people which have been attacked by deliberately fomented sectarian forces, backed up by the B-Specials, with the aim of destroying the natural solidarity and unity of working class people.

Note also that these actions are couched within ‘defensive operations’. It is striking that it refers to ‘all too limited resources’.

Beyond that it’s intriguing that it overtly states that ‘the Republican Movement has been committed to support the moderate demands of the CRM in the genuine hope that reforms obtained by constitutional agitation would provide a framework withing which a peaceful settlement might be arrived at…’ and that ‘we have been reluctantly compelled into military action’.

It also warns the London government that ‘you will have to take the consequences’.


1. Starkadder - August 18, 2009

Taking the NI problem to the United Nations? Did that
particular idea go anywhere?


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