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Irish Left Archive [Remembering 1969]: Statement from the Republican Movement, 15 August 1969 August 17, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive (Remembering 1969).

15-8-1969006 cover


This document suggests a slightly different analysis than that offered by the August statement of the IRA. For example the word socialism is not used once and the demands are essentially process based, ‘immediate disarming of the B Specials’, ‘withdrawal of British troops’ and so forth.

What’s also of interest is the idea expressed that ‘we reject the call issued by some misguided elements of the NICRA for direct rule from Westminster and suspension of Stormont’… and ‘those who make this call have not thought of the dangerous implications… for the next step after that would be London doing a deal with Lynch and the unionists, and bringing the whole of ireland into a federal United Kingdom’.


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