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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… SPC ECO September 12, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Yeah, well, it’s not a great name, SPC ECO, pronounced SPACE ECHO. Shoegazers, don’t you know, from the UK. But it arrives with a pedigree, it’s cooked up by guitarist Joey Levenson (in the studio), Dean Garcia, late of Curve whose first album was pretty good – and perhaps a worthy subject for inclusion in the ‘this weeked I’ll be listening to…’ series, and…er… his daughter, Rose Berlin (a name made for indie – no?).

It’s very much a sort of amalgam of Curve and the more dance-inflected electronica end of shoegaze, mostly slow beats set to soft enough walls of sound. I won’t bother to reiterate the reference points, let’s just say there are plenty of nods to others who’ve worked in the genre, but… it’s none the worse for that.

There’s a sufficiently layered aspect to the music to satisfy my taste… Probably no surprise there. One Alan Moulder (indie super-producer and a man who cut his teeth on the JAMC back in the day) gives an assist. Listening to it I was surprised how much I liked it… it’s not that there are any particular innovations, but it’s melodic (to my ears) and well structured with a preponderance of ‘falling asleep’ muffled beats… I ask for little more these days.

Telling You

Better that Way

For All Time (live – btw the band take the gazing at shoes bit of shoe-gazing a bit seriously, don’t they? Must kill their backs).

Something Anything (also live).


1. EamonnCork - September 15, 2009

WBS there’s a good feature in the current issue of The Wire on German Kosmische music, i.e. the likes of Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, Klaus Schulze. I’m taking a wild leap here and suggesting you might be interested in it. Theory saturated and wilfully obscurantist it may be at times but the magazine is usually worth a gander.


WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2009

Eamonn, thanks a million for that. You’re dead right I’m interested in it. I like Schulze enormously so this is right up my street… I’ll get the mag tomorrow if I can…


2. seifukusha - October 12, 2009

Thanks for writing this up. Dont worry, I fall asleep when I play the guitar!

(I like the name, its a nod to Primal Scream and my fx collection)

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