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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Maserati September 26, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Postrock… ah, post-rock. Post-rock brought Bark Psychosis, Tortoise and many more. Including US band Maserati. Some post-rock is good. Quite a bit really isn’t. My favourite were the near fabulous Trans Am (although I see the remarkable Talk Talk thrown into the P-R pool, and what’s this – Disco Inferno too)… all definitely worthy subjects for another day.

Anyhow, Maserati, and that’s not a very lovable name, are post-rock. The drummer used to drum with !!! (who as it happens are better than their name). The guitarist likes reverb. Lots and lots of reverb. Lots. No, really. Lots. It’s oddly soothing music. It gets loud, but as one critic said there’s no buildup and release, just buildup. And buildup. They say it’s best to see them live, for the full effect y’see. Fair enough. I can get that. But I like it in a sort of admire from afar kind of way…

My hearing wouldn’t take a full gig. Of that I’m sure.

So here are a few samples…



Synchronicity IV


1. EamonnCork - September 28, 2009

Post-rock.Hmmm. I’m agnostic, though I’d listen to Mogwai. But sometimes I wonder if this isn’t territory which jazz musicians have already staked out and do better anyway.


2. EamonnCork - September 28, 2009

In fact, if I may be picky about it, I wonder if post-rock isn’t one of these dreaded middlebrow genres, designed so old timers like ourselves can say, “Oh it’s not rock, it’s post-rock.” Cf ‘it’s not country, it’s not alt country.’ Post like alt is the word which takes the guilt away. Perhaps there’s more art and intelligence in two minutes of the Buzzocks than in all these meanderings.


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