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No Free Speech for, um, the No Campaign September 30, 2009

Posted by Garibaldy in Lisbon Treaty.

Just spotted this statement courtesy of sometime contributor here Thoreau at politics.ie. A Fianna Fáil councillor in Wexford has been spotten taking down No posters in New Ross, with over 10% of the People’s Movement posters in the area having been pulled down. The individual responsible has been reported to Gardaí. We all know this sort of thing goes on at election time, but nice to see that someone has been caught in the act. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I doubt we’ll see a resignation from the council or an explusion from FF but you never know.


1. Mark P - September 30, 2009

Comedy gold. I think that one of the most notably things about this campaign is the sheer indignation on the part of our political, business and media establishments that No campaigners have the temerity to exist.

By the way, speaking of Lisbon posters, here are some round ups of them for those of you fortunate enough to live outside our major urban centres and therefore away from the full poster mountain:

http://meanwhileatthebar.org/blog/?p=346 (Yes posters)
http://meanwhileatthebar.org/blog/?p=381 (No posters)

Maybe we should hold a competition to find the stupidest or most obnoxious one. So far my nominations are the “No to Turkey” one, the “I feel safer in Europe” one, the “Yes in the City” one and the “Not on Their Lives” one.

(Crap, I think that there were too many links in this when I posted it first, so the spam filter ate it. I’ll post a second comment with the other links in it)


2. Mark P - September 30, 2009

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