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This Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Cardiacs October 3, 2009

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Cardiacs, weirdly good, particularly for those of us who still cherish parts of Please Don’t Touch by Steve Hackett. Cardiacs took progressive, then punk, then blended them and saw what came out. Pronk, so they call it, and who can disagree. They’re still going sort of (albeit stymied a bit by main man Tim Smith’s heart attack late last year), and now much lauded by what appears to a be revitalised prog-rock scene that encompasses everything from Porcupine Tree (rather fine) through Rush to… well, whatever you’re having yourself.

Actually, isn’t it odd that perhaps the most reviled musical scene in rock has made a reappearance. I guess one could argue that when other styles have been played through, and through again (ah yes, how many iterations of goth will we endure? Although that said parts of Porcupine Tree’s output sounds suspiciously like late Fields of the Nephilim) and then again, that it’s near inevitable that the more esoteric byways should be reconsidered. Although in part this revitalisation is achieved by spreading the net and the definition of prog pretty damn wide.

Anyhow, Cardiacs have had quite a career, one has to cherish the story of them supporting Marillion (Fish incarnation) during 1984 and being bottled. I’d have thought their approach was much truer to the spirit of prog than Marillion.

Land and the Sea, released in 1989, is the album I know best and like best so here are a few tracks from that…

This claims to be live, but… I’m not so sure.


The Duck and Roger The Horse

Mares Nest (Live 1990 – recorded in a Church in Salisbury – natch!) It’s a sequence of 15 or so YouTube clips of the entire gig including the above… start here…


1. Eevoid - October 5, 2009

my respect for this blog has just exploded out my front brain


2. WorldByStorm - October 5, 2009

Is that bad or good? I’m genuinely puzzled. Sounds bad… But they are actually enjoyable if you give them a chance. It’s the Rush thing ? 😉


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