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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Porcupine Tree October 10, 2009

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I fear I’m going through something of a prog phase at the moment, or would that be neo-prog phase? As I mentioned last week out came Steve Hackett’s Please Don’t Touch, unlistened to in decades – I must admit to even working my way through a Yes compilation (full disclosure, I’ve always been a sucker for 90125 and The Yes Album). I gave a big hallo to the Cardiacs last week also and here, here are Porcupine Tree who sort of blend Floyd like metal, Genesis (in their Gabriel days) – and let me tell you that I get a shudder down the spine, and not in a good way, when I write that, and er…The Orb. For in the early days ambient trance was something PT were well into. And this album, Signify, was released in 1996.

It’s enormously atmospheric stuff, soft vocals, heavy riffs, some absurd and very electronica like samples of drug related material, oh yeah, and electronic beats thrown about here and there.

Atmospheric I say. Well, let’s note the presence of one Richard Barbieri formerly keyboardist with Japan who is a member as well. But main man Steven Wilson is without the shadow of a doubt the driving force here. And not just here, he’s also got his originally dance, as in dance, group No-Man, now not dissimilar to Talk Talk. Then there is his solo material. Then his production for a raft of other bands including death metall act Opeth. Then there is his project Blackfield with Israeli radical leftist Aviv Geffen and… his remixing of King Crimson’s back catalogue with Robert Fripp and… well, that’s enough to be going on with.

As noted on wiki krautrock and ambient are significant influences, and in particular the Kosmiche Musik scene. And this too is a good thing making the albums have an interesting quality where the music rises and falls between loud guitar lead pieces and soft mostly electronic tinged patches.

Their material in the 2000s has taken a distinctly more metallic approach, and no harm there but the 1990s albums are treasures.

Signify I’ve seen this compared to Kyuss’s Green Machine. Hmmm… well, it’s cut from the same cloth…

Every Home is Wired

Dark Matter

Idiot Prayer – which hints at their more ambient side


1. soubresauts - October 9, 2010

There’s some new music and news here (http://www.mickkarn.net/), where Porcupine Tree and others are trying to help out their old friend Mick Karn who has terminal cancer.


2. Mark P - October 9, 2010

On an unrelated note, there’s an interesting line up in Whelans tommorow night:

No Age
Mice Parade
Male Bonding
Silje Nes


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