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Directors’ remuneration: A few long videos October 28, 2009

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In March this year, the European Commission held a Roundtable on Directors’ Remuneration. It ran over four sessions, and videos of these have been posted on the European Commission’s web-site.

Session 1 was entitled “Socio-economic aspects of directors’ remuneration“. The video runs to an hour and a half, and I think it is amazing how little attention is given to the the issue of social justice. (I don’t know how to embed them so I am listing the links.) http://webstream.ec.europa.eu/scic/markt/090323/day1or-1.wmv

Session 2 was on “Designing a director’s remuneration in practice“: http://webstream.ec.europa.eu/scic/markt/090323/day1or-2.wmv

Session 3 was on “Possible content for new provisions on directors’ remuneration“: http://webstream.ec.europa.eu/scic/markt/090323/day1or-3.wmv

Session 4 was on “Application and enforcement of provisions on directors’ remuneration“: http://webstream.ec.europa.eu/scic/markt/090323/day1or-4.wmv


1. WorldbyStorm - October 28, 2009

Great stuff… on the matter of social justice it’s a telling insight into the primacy of the right in Europe during the current context. Okay, that right isn’t undifferentiated (note for instance how the CDU/CSU are actually on some measures less right wing than their coalition partners). BUt it’s still of the right.


2. Tomboktu - October 29, 2009

I was irritated that the one whom I think of as my representative at the opening session, John Monks, was late and didn’t have much of substance to say. I was delighted that Pervenche Berès MEP explicitly injected issues of social justice into the discussion.

The other thing that pleased me afterwards, as I “Internetted” my way through the snuffles and sneezes (that have me out of work today and give me the time to watch 1.5-hour videos on European Commission roundtables) was a paper by one of the speakers I found elsewhere in which he raised the faint glimmer of a prospect that European “regulation”* of directors’ remuneration is moving from it being based on shareholder interests to stakeholder interests, with the wider community (but not, curiously, employees) being identified as a stakeholder.

*Only it’s not really regulation because it is all just Commission Recommendations.


3. WorldbyStorm - October 29, 2009

That would be a genuine shift. But who precisely (I’m asking this sort of rhetorically) is pushing for it?


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