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This week at the Irish Election Literature Blog… November 13, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

AK has a fine collection this week of materials… As he says:

I started a little ‘project‘ to identify ‘Others/ Independents’ from previous General Elections.
If someone was classed as an Independent on electionsireland.org, I’m trying to classify them by party, former party, politics or issue etc.
Amongst what I’ve classified to date, who the Army Wives, Gay and Lesbian Equality Campaign, Rod Licence, DSP, TRL, Ecology and CPI candidates were.

I’ve four General Elections up at the minute November 1982, 1987, 1989 and 1992 and would be glad if anyone could expand on the details already there.

Its actally tricky as a daughter of a particular candidate hadn’t a notion why he stood!

I’ve also noticed a small gap in the 1991 Local Election and the 1994 Urban District Council/Town Commission Elections on ElectionsIreland.org.

So If anyone wants first count details of these gaps, I’ve started a separate section to oblige.

Also posted is the usual array of Flyers
A smiling Communist Noel Murphy – CPI 2002

A 1991 Thank You letter to Voters from Marian White in Blackrock, She lost out on a seat by just 28 votes!

whilst on the reverse ‘In Dun Laoghaire The Workers Party are Winning’. Also here another of her Flyers from that election.

A Letter regarding who voted for Service Charges from ARCA in 1985. Was ARCA connected to the WP?

A few old Sinn Fein ones,
Gerry Adams singing Christy Burkes praises in 1997

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dun Laoghaire 1989

Owen Poole of the Anti Water Charges Campaign in 1997.

I’m curious about this as it uses a Socialist Party Template. Were all the other Water Charges candidates from the Socialist Party?

November 1983 and Labours Jimmy Somers announces that The Social Welfare Christmas Bonus will be paid thanks to Barry Desmond.

And last but not least the Labour Youth Summer Festival 1989.


1. Mark P - November 13, 2009

I don’t believe that Poole was in the Socialist Party. The SP did however stand in that election as part of a formal alliance, although it was pretty low key, with the South Tipp WUAG and with a number of independents. Poole was one of those independents, and I would guess that the SP helped him out with the design of that leaflet.

I can’t remember who the other independent candidates in the Taxation Justice Alliance were, although I have a dim idea that one of them might have been Colm B.


2. Colm B - November 13, 2009

Well nearly…at that stage I was an Independent Left councillor on DL-R Co. Council and I did have a discussion with the Socialist Party about standing for the general election as part of the alliance but in the end I decided not too as I was anxious at that stage to leave electoral politics behind and in fact I resigned my council seat later in 1997. I didn’t have any political objection to the alliance, I thought it was a positive development and Im fairly certain I would have stood if I had not reached the conclusion that being a public rep was not the way I wanted to contribute to radical left politics.


3. Michael O'Brien - November 13, 2009

Paddy Mulcahy, a vetern water charges capmaigner (recently deceased) also ran in Cork North Central as part of the Justice in Taxation Alliance to give it its proper title.


4. Drithleóg - November 13, 2009

no ACRA (Association of Combined Residents Associations) wasn’t connected to the WP. There were WP people in it and a fair few people who had been involved in the Housing Action Committees of the late 1960s which would have been influenced by the then Official SF.


5. irishelectionliterature - November 18, 2009

Thanks for that re ACRA and the info re Paddy Mulcahy.
Anyone recall protests (a march to Dublin from Dungarvan?) against Youth unemployment in Waterford in 1982?
or anything about the protest group?
The group stood a candidate, Terence Moroney, in the November 1982 election.


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