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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Monaco November 14, 2009

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Monaco. Peter Hook of New Order, Pottsy (David Potts), a sort of home away from home for those of us who love New Order, at least during the late 1990s when what was a hiatus became a void. Now, the first album, Music for Pleasure, was great. The second, the eponymous Monaco, well I liked it.

The key features? Hook playing New Order like basslines, and sure why not? Potts singing… well some said he sounded like Bernard Sumner. In truth his voice was different but not dissimilar. The combination, something that was New Order like but to my ears warmer, more welcoming, perhaps a little less in love with itself (and I say that as an NO fan from the beginning). Maybe a little like Hook, maybe a little like Potts. Some not so great attempts at something close to Britpop, but generally better than that.

So the basslines lope out with a vivid energy and the vocals, shared – so it would seem – between Potts and Hook, are both familiar and yet different, Hook singing bass (how appropriate), Potts singing not so bass.

Of all the side-projects this was to my mind the best. Sumner’s project with Johnny Marr, Electronic, had its moments but I’d be hard pressed to say that I liked all three of those albums in the way that I like the Monaco ones. Sure, Hook on occasion had the air of your Dad at a disco, but feck it, that’s what we all seem to have turned into (those of us over 40) so… that’s hardly a surprise.

And given the somewhat minimal output from NO both then and now, who can blame us NO fans for taking what we can get.

What do you want from me?

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