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More from Irish Election Literature Blog… November 27, 2009

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

Many thanks as ever to AK who runs the IELB. Some great stuff this week. Particularly the last one from one A. Glenn… As AK explains:

A leaflet from a Waterboys benefit concert for the Green Alliance from 1987. At the same time Red Wedge was running in Britain.
The leaflet also advertises a CND demo at the British Embassy to mark the 30th Annniversary of the Windscale Fire.
I’ve been to other benefit gigs in my time, but its not often they are for a Political Party

A Certain Mr Rabbitte from 1987

Workers Party Youth from 1991. With the ‘Youth Agenda’ of the time.

Lisa Maher from the Socialist Party in the 2004 Local Elections

Joan Collins from the 2004 local elections.

Micheal O’Muireagain Sinn Fein 1992 Dublin South East

and not quite of the Left….
The Alice Glenn Report from 1987.. ‘Why Fine Gael Divorced Alice Glenn’


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