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Communist Party of Ireland: Public Forum Finglas Monday 30th November November 28, 2009

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This coming Monday 30th November our third public forum will take place in Finglas, Dublin 11. All welcome

Eugene Mc Cartan


1. PJ Callan - November 29, 2009

Anyone go to the last one. I haven’t seen any reports on these public meetings.


2. shay - December 4, 2009

dont understand why the cpi support the gfa could this be explained???


3. NollaigO - December 6, 2009

The link below is to a speech by Eugene McCartan at the 2005 Desmond Greaves School where their attitude to the GFA is outlined in detail.
While we would probably have different views on the GFA, Shay, I think that you raise an issue that could do with more discussion on the CLR.
My instinct is the there is a widespread abstentionist or ” Hope it collapses” attitude. I think that this would be a disaster and find McCartan’s views on the GFA quite sensible.



4. Babeuf - December 6, 2009

CPI ‘support’ is rather critical engagement on the basis of the present ‘historical moment’. GFA not an ahistorical document, but to engaged with as a framework with in which political forces and momentum for change could be built north and south in light of past experience and events (eg. failure of armed struggle). CP has always held ‘democracy’ was achilles heel of unionism. Not dissimilar from SF’s rhetoric, only SF may have tragically become overly tied to GFA’s framework and it’s logic, without the necessary ‘extra-constitutional’ forces to balance and support their engagement in favour of a republican agenda? Although, I think SF may have realised this in light of a renewed re-engagement with building influence within community organisations and now trade unions?


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