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This weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… The Early Years November 28, 2009

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Let’s keep it contemporary for a few more weekends. After all it’s coming up to the end of the year and it’s always good to think ones heard something new. Thing is with The Early Years that true enough. But… A couple of weeks ago I referenced Hallogalloo by Neu! in relation to System 7, last week we saw the Horrors reshaping themselves as a post-punk krautrock act influenced by…er… Neu! and what’s this? Why it’s another, earlier, run-through. And while some might be irritated by that I kind of like the sort of cheek of giving that a lash.

It’s enthusiastic indie tinged with krautrock and a rhythm section who know how to get things started and just keep going. Is it new? It sure isn’t, but as with all the best music it sounds new enough. I particularly like their sort of Embrace meets Neu! approach of soft ballads that morph into pulsing noise. And the production on the ballad parts of the songs is crystal clear, something I don’t usually like, but it’s the way it changes that largely makes the songs. Great stuff.

Wiki claims that Damo Suzuki likes them and that he invited them to play as his backing band some years back. And somehow I’ll bet both he and they were chuffed by that, albeit for different reasons.

It’s funny, 1979 through to 82 were heavily influenced, in post-punk, by Krautrock, and here we are thirty odd years later and the wheel has turned yet again.

Like the videos too.

Sad to say their website and Myspace page doesn’t indicate any activity since a single released in July 2008, which is a real pity. Surely now is the time to catch the wave…

All Ones And Zeros (an… ahem… homage to Neu!) from their debut album released in 2007.

So Far Gone

Say What I Want To



1. Dr. X - November 29, 2009

Check out Amanda Palmer, and her old group The Dresden Dolls. Pleny of it on youtube – look especially for ‘Guitar Hero’, ‘Astronaut’ and ‘Song of the Moldau’.


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