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Christmas week from the Irish Election Literature Blog… December 24, 2009

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AK – and thanks as ever for all his work – has put together a selection for this week… some really good stuff here…

Paul Kane ‘Framed by a Supergrass’ –Anti Extradition Leaflet. Kane was one of the 1983 Maze escapees. Leaflet shows the way Fianna Fail spoke out of both sides of their mouth re the North in the 80s.

Benny McElwee of Sinn Fein poster with the ‘Smash Stormont’ slogan, from 1982 Stormont elections. Vote 1 McElwee and 2 Danny Morrison.

Dermot Tobin of The Workers Party 1989 Wicklow, includes DeRossas message to the electorate and the Workers Party Proposals which included a public jobs scheme.

Catherine Murphy Flyer from 2005 Kildare North by-election

and then …..

Brian Cowens final election message to Laois Offaly voters in 2007

I put a comment on a previous post about this gem…

Last but not least a fascinating leaflet advertising ‘Berties Walkabout’ from 1993. If you thought these were impromtu affairs… think again.


A ballot paper etc from the 1973 Border Poll which was boycotted by the Nationalist population.


1. Seti@wan Dirgant@Ra - December 25, 2009

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2. Clause Santa - December 26, 2009

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3. ejh - December 29, 2009

As we’re doing off-topic postings, I wonder if CLR readers might be interested in this article.


4. Crocodile - December 29, 2009

Thanks for the link, ejh. Enright’s style is impressionistic, as ever, but her anecdotes ring true.
For those of us on public sector salaries that have dropped 13% this year, the paragraph that hits home is the one about the friend who is so angry at people who have job security and pensions.
Imagine someone sets fire to your house and to the house next door. Your place is destroyed, but the neighbours are lucky – they have a sprinkler system that limits the damage. Now, logically, you should be very angry with the arsonist and sympathetic towards your neighbour. But there’s something lurking in our natures that makes us resent the man close by who’s suffered less than us more than the far-off cause of the suffering. That was the genius of our rulers and their compliant media this year: they made public sector workers seem part of the cause of the bust rather than among its victims.


5. ejh - December 30, 2009

I also liked the bit about Morgan Kelly posting a warning about what was likely to happen and being shunned or ignored by everybody.


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