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This weekend I’ll also be listening to… Chapterhouse remixed by Global Communications January 9, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Ah Chapterhouse… or perhaps not. One of the more adventurous things Chapterhouse did was to get their Blood Music album remixed by Global Communications. At one time GC, comprising Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard were all the rage, and did a fine job in reworking songs by a variety of people… I still treasure their 76:14 which included a remix version of a song with Jon Anderson, formerly of Yes, bent into new and different configuration. No small achievement in my book.

Middleton and Pritchard while still working in the area seem to have gone their separate ways since. Which is a pity.

Anyhow, their reworking of Chapterhouse is mighty fine, perhaps so much so that some of the new versions are the equal, or superior, of the originals. That they sound remarkably unlike the originals is no bad thing, and I say that as a fan of Blood Music. But by taking discreet elements from the songs and reworking or replacing them almost entirely gives a completely fresh insight into the music. If you’re reasonably familiar with the original material it’s easy enough to hear where those elements have been taken and reworked.

You are very unlikely to drive over the speed limit along a cliff top road listening to this. Which is a good thing.

Alpha Phase 2

Gamma Phase

Delta Phase

Epsilon Phase


1. yourcousin - January 9, 2010

Hey look at this novelty post, I’m posting from cellphone. very high tech for me


WorldbyStorm - January 9, 2010

Pretty cool.

I have a really crap mobile/cell phone, or rather, a six or seven year old one which I cherish cos it’s got really good predictive texting and a snappy clamshell action like a Star Trek communicator. No posting from cellphones for me I can tell you.


2. yourcousin - January 9, 2010

I was in the Verizon store combining the multiple plans into one family plan and getting my defective cell replaced. I was fucking with the Verizon version of the iphone and thought, “why not?”. Suffice to say that novelty post is as far as I’ll ever go with the that technology. which of course was why it was notable enough to do in the first place. Well that and boredom.


WorldbyStorm - January 9, 2010

So you got an iPhone?


3. yourcousin - January 10, 2010

Oh god no! I don’t even know what I would do with shit like that other than put up posts like that for novelty sakes. Which would remain novel for about five minutes. The thought of “why not” should have been clarified into “why not” do a novelty post from Verizon’s Droid while waiting for them to call my name at the store after which I promptly put said phone back into it’s holder.

Though on a seperate note since this post has little to no traffic. Hang in there with the bullshit. Do what it takes to keep your sanity intact and keep CLR going in the long run. If that means slowing the pace, then so be it. If others want to see it keep going then they can step up and start posting as Garibaldy and Timbuktu have done.

Hang in there, hope the family is doing well.


WorldbyStorm - January 10, 2010

Thanks yourcousin – appreciate the advice, and likewise. All grand… Sleepless nights still?

I listen to MacBreak Weekly podcast, which is pretty funny and informative… they pitched the Droid as a rival, albeit maybe not quite as good as the iPhone… is it any good?


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