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This weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… Farflung January 16, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

It’s like some sort of elaborate joke. Farflung, a band from California, Their 7th album album A Wound on Eternity. Cool! Cover image, a sort of storm in space. Of course! Song titles? Unborn planet and Endless Drifting Wreck. Whynaturally!Videos? Cue 1950s flying saucers and men in 1950s spaceman outfits. How could it be otherwise? A lead singer who looks disturbingly like Eddie Izzard and has an English, no, London tinge to his vocals? Hmmmm! And the logo? Have I mentioned the logo?

They’ve a crossover with Hawkwind, one of their number has worked with the indefatigable Nik Turner (and I’ve long been tempted to put up a post on his Hawkwind redux outfit Space Ritual, but I can only find the live video on YouTube, and really, the female dancer fills me with trepidation as to the message that sends out)…but…I hear a mixture of the psychedelic, punk, heavy metal, Hawkwind, Kyuss, Black Sabbath… Then you know me after a year of This weekends… I hear what I want to hear…

Punk I say? Why yes… but more on that in a moment.

Their early albums, and they’ve been at this since the early to mid 1990s as far as I can tell, fetch ridiculous prices on Amazon. Seriously ridiculous prices.

How do I know this? You’d be better off asking why do I know this? But the punky speedy rush of more recent singles… not that they really do singles… the aforementioned Unborn Planet and Endless Drifting Wreck are their own business card punching out as fast as they can. I like spacerock – period. But I prefer spacerock which remembers that it wasn’t just born in metal but that it in part begat punk and that Motorhead and others come – again in part – from that place.

Seven albums? They don’t sound like a band with seven albums to their name. I leave it to you to figure out is that a good or bad thing. I know my own views on it…

Unborn Planet

Endless Drifting Wreck




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