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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Pocket remixing Steve Kilbey, Robyn Hitchcock, Mark Burgess and others January 23, 2010

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Here’s a nice little project that in an aesthetic sense links right into 1980s indie. Pocket, one Richard Jankovich, a famed producer from the US whose list of remixes includes the likes of Radiohead, Of Montreal and Beck has decided that there is nothing he’d like better in the world than to collaborate with a list of names drawn from the great and the good of off-kilter 1980s and 1990s indie and punk with the odd contemporary artist thrown in. And it’s a cracking idea and, for the most part, a cracking result.

Unfortunately there are only a few of the tracks available on YouTube, but they give a sense of the approach he is pursuing.

For those who may have missed his latest ‘look’ a newly hirsute and bearded Steve Kilbey may come as a shock, but it’s a nice track nonetheless.

There’s something just about perfect about Robyn Hitchcock’s voice set to electronica/dance intoning menacingly… “Surround him with love…”. Hmmm… But sadly that has yet to make it to YouTube. Check out the preview whereever you can find it… here’s one on Pocket’s website.


Instead we have Dave Smalley of punk bands DYS, Dag Nasty and more recently Down By Law.

And what on earth is Mark Burgess of the Chameleons singing/saying on A Force of Nature?

Kimi Recor is a member of a US based indie band and perhaps loops back to a more typical dance sound.

Got to love it. Well, I do… 😉

Hear In Noiseville – Pocket Feat. Steve Kilbey

Pocket featuring Dave Smalley – “Beautiful Gray”

A Force Of Nature – Pocket Feat. Mark Burgess

Break Your Heart Wildly – Pocket Feat. Kimi Recor


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