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This week from the Irish Election Literature Blog… April 2, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

Thanks as ever to AK from the IELB…some great stuff, as always…

A few highlights this week….

From 1981 the election leaflet of H-Block candidate Tony O’Hara (Brother of Patsy) who ran in Dublin West.

Republican Clubs, Official Sinn Fein and Provisional Sinn Fein posters.

From the 1987 General Election Sinn Fein candidates Christy Dunne and John Noonan running in Dublin South West.

Next of all two protests from last weekend….

A ‘Save Our Acute Services’ in South Tipperary / Clonmel Hospital leaflet.

A ‘Rural Ireland Says Enough’ posterer from the protest outside the Green Party conference.

And finally….. If you were looking for a ‘Chicken Supper’ in 1985…

And finally finally (I posted this in the response to a thread earlier in the week)…. From Last October….. David Begg urges you to ‘Get Up, Stand Up’….


1. Seán Ó Tuama - April 3, 2010

I was involved in the Tony O’Hara election campaign. The result was excellent considering that there were very few involved in the campaign. He could have won the seat if he had not been eliminated before St Mary Robinson, who he was only a few votes behind. If it had been the other way around, he would have won on Labour preferences.He took a huge part of MacGiolla’s vote, which shows that the SFWP’s electorate did not share the party line on the North.

The vote was all the more impressive considering that there was effectively a SF boycott of his campaign. This was mainly due to the abstentionist obsession because he might have entered the Dáil, being a relatively short term prisoner but also due to sheer political sectarianism of the part of SF.

The excellent result despite the small numbers involved in the campaign showed the depth of feeling in this mainly working class constituency about the H Block issue.


2. Jim Monaghan - April 3, 2010

I agree with Sean. I was Chair of the Dublin H-Block Armagh ctee. I cahired the initial meeting of Tonys supporters. In sppiute of my efforts SF staged a walkout over abstentionism. It was really just a pretext.The leader of the walkout threatened SF members with expulsion if they stayed.He later left and was involved in a think tank with very establishment figures.
It amy seem bizzare but many Sfers though of the IRSP as Sticks and had not forgiven them for feuds early on in the Stick/Provo divide.
It an dall the H-Block elections results were amazing considering the small budgets. Don’t laugh I was very involved and I know how little was available to run the H-Block/Armagh campaign.John Feeney retalied lies about Bernadettes campaign in North Central an dthe SPUCers distributed leaflets probably paid for by guess who attacking her positions on abortion.


3. Captain Rock - April 3, 2010

‘It amy seem bizzare but many Sfers though of the IRSP as Sticks and had not forgiven them for feuds early on in the Stick/Provo divide.’

O Bradaigh and co. still blame an influx of ex-IRSP and or ex-Officials in the Provos in 1981 for the triumph of ‘constitutionalism’ in 1986.


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