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This week from the Irish Election Literature Blog… April 30, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

Another fine round up from AK and the IELB… As AK notes “…its a bit of a bumper week this week, with a distinct Northern hue” and look what is that we start with? And what is the last piece of contemporary literature on the list below? Hmmmm…

From the Current UK election campaign a Gerry Adams leaflet from West Belfast. It’s interesting to see Sinn Fein as a party in government as opposed to a party of protest as they are in The Republic.

From last weekend, An Éirígí ‘Smash NAMA’ Leaflet, advertising the protest at Anglo Irish Bank.

An Sinn Féin Leaflet from the 1998 Assembly election campaign. The parties aims in the aftermath of the Good Friday Agreement contrast a little to the 2010 Adams leaflet above.

A 1977 Green Cross Christmas card and a Release All our Political Prisoners one too.

From 1993 a Democratic Left Freesheet ‘Euro-Dub’ producd by then MEP, Des Geraghty.

Two Leaflets from the Good Friday Agreement, both in favour. (I’ve a number of other GFA leaflets to post over the next few weeks).

A Northern Ireland Women’s Coaltion Yes to the Good Friday Agreement leaflet.

A Progressive Unionist Party Yes to the Good Friday Agreement Leaflet.

And finally!

My Grandfather Worked in Mines your family owned them!


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