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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Zion Train, Siren May 8, 2010

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Given the weekend that’s in it let’s cheer ourselves up with something reasonably sunny, experimmental, ideal for early Summer and altogether excellent.

As some of you know I’m fond of all things dub. This is, to me, a bit of a curious one since I’m not hugely enamoured of reggae and I’m fairly straight edge with near enough zero interest in cannabis culture. But, on the other hand ska both more recent and original has always been a genre that I’ve found an awful lot not merely to admire but to actively engage with. And I guess that one could point to the way in which dub influenced bass lines in post punk. With me I find it’s often a bass thing. Anyhow, whatever the reason or reasons push your Dub Syndicates or whoever my way and I’ll always happily listen.

Zion Train are an interesting crowd, dub, world music, trance, electronica, ska, reggae and so on combined. Believe it or not my first encounter with them was on an Hawkwind remix album in the early 1990s. They reworked Damnation Alley (from Bob Calvert era ‘wind and therefore rather fine) into a most interesting creation. Whether that is a good or bad thing I leave to others to decide but I kind of like it. Speaking of that compilation it also had a number of other fine dance/electronica oriented acts such as trance merchants Astralasia (worth a This Weekend of their own).

Meanwhile that set me looking and this album, Siren, which compiles a number of EPs they did in collaboration with various parties, is to my ears one of the best of their output. A compilation of various tracks by them from that period it’s an interesting mix of world, dub, reggae, trance and pretty much whatever else you’re having yourself all set within a dance context and various collaborations. Follow Like Wolves starts as the album continues, and with a nifty sample of the Specials as well. Loops, samples, dubby bass, well what more could one want?

They’re still going, at least last time I looked.

Sadly their track Fuck the Nazi’s, always sound advice – at least in the non-Biblical sense, isn’t available on YouTube – although truth is that it sounds like a reworking of Follow Like Wolves with a fine bass keyboard loop so you’re probably not missing much.


Follow Like Wolves – Not quite the same as the album version, which is to say it’s better!


Under the Sun

And for those of you curious as to the Hawkwind track?


1. Crocodile - May 8, 2010

There’s a ‘Biblical sense’ in which one can ‘Fuck the Nazis’? Which book?


WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2010

Hmmm… by the way today was marked with a comment that was sort of kind of nazi-like.


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