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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Lionrock, An Instinct for Detection June 5, 2010

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While there’s still a bit of sun in the sky let’s keep the mood upbeat. Ah, bliss it was to be young[ish] in the mid-1990s and very heaven to be into electronica and dance.

Here’s an album which is, now that I go looking for videos and suchlike, regarded by some as a lost classic from the 1990s. Lionrock, or in truth British DJ, producer and remixer Justin Robertson with assorted colleagues is a fabulous mash of many different styles although neatly positioned in dance and electronica. Horns, guitars, whatever… it’s all here. Every once in a while there’s a sort of ominous keyboard sound or approach to the music, and it works perfectly.

Particular kudos to MC Buzz B who’s vocals are perfect throughout the album – particularly on ‘Straight at Yer Head’. Added kudos to Robertson for the Sherlock Holmes samples which are used here and there.

Robertson released a second Lionrock album in 1998 and some of you might recall Rude Boy Rock from it. Quite fine. Following that in the 2000s he has put out material under his own name. But for what it’s worth I think An Instinct for Detection hasn’t been bettered.

Indeed listening to it it’s puzzling that it didn’t do better given the proliferation of not dissimilar albums by others during much the same period, or a little later – one thinks of DJ Shadow. It’s also an album that has stayed with me for many years. There’s something infectious about the sound, about the samples, about the vocals. Well worth giving it a go.


Wilmslow Road – nice Sherlock Holmes sample there… and lovely keyboard sound.

Morning Will Come When I’m Not Ready – fantastic track which, ouch, misses cuts the last sample in half… to hear it in full you must listen to the next track…

Straight at Yer Head

Death Valley Clapperboard

Fire Up the Shoesaw – album version…

Fire Up the Shoesaw – (Unreleased video, or so it says. That certainly seems to be Robertson in it… nice, one way or another. A somewhat different version from the album track.).


1. eamonndublin - June 5, 2010

for note on a previous post, the psychadelic furs are touring again.


2. ejh - June 5, 2010

Why not have a nice game of chess instead?


DublinDilettante - June 5, 2010

What would CJ open with? The Sicilian Defence?


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