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This Weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… Modern Eon June 12, 2010

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Here’s a band that got away. Liverpool, post punk, one Alix Plain [a pseudonym – natch] fronting them and with an edge that might, had they survived, turned goth – not necessarily a good thing. But they were positioned neatly in that space which Joy Division opened up, all doomy baselines, filtered sound effects and sharp little guitar lines. But where Ian Curtis had a deep voice Modern Eon were fronted by a man with a whispered more high pitched one. When I first heard them I thought, for God only knows what reason, that he might be American (apparently he lived in Canada for some time before coming back to the UK).

And whereas Joy Division were sometimes uplifting, but only incidentally so, Modern Eon were all sweeping choruses.

Does it work? I still listen to this and think that they had something special. It might have taken another couple of albums, but I’m reminded of Echo and the Bunnymen, or even the Chameleons on some tracks. And in songs like High Noon I don’t think it’s reaching to suggest that they might have been able to cleanly integrate electronica to generate something not dissimilar to mid period Wire.

Ah, who knows? I was surprised to find they have no wiki page, and allmusic has a fairly cursory entry for them. There is however a fine site dedicated to them which tells one that Plain went onto a solo career with a collaboration with Adrian Sherwood of On U Sound (home of Dub Syndicate, Asian Dub Foundation, Tackhead I think, amongst others) in the late 80s – check out them on YouTube, it’s quite a change of style, but be careful you’re not looking at the stoner rock spin off from Kyuss. Others joined Apollo 440 and Dead or Alive. Which is, I think most would agree, eclectic.


Child’s Play/Choreography

High Noon


Watching the Dancers

Waiting for the Cavalry

Child’s Play (Single mix – 1981)


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