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Midsummer’s day, and four years and counting… June 21, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in CLR empirebuilding.

It’s the longest day of the year and the shortest night, and what better time to take stock of the fact that the Cedar Lounge Revolution has now been around since June 2006?

I’m a bit staggered by that. Four years seems a long time, and it’s gone by – well, not in the blink of an eye, not at all – but fast enough.

But, on the other hand it seems like a lot longer since a few of us sat in a bar (not the Cedar Lounge as it happens) and decided to set up a blog. I don’t think we ever thought it would run this long or that it would prove to be such an enjoyable, if at times challenging, experience. Indeed I’m not sure if we realised what form it would ultimately take…

We’ve maintained the avowedly broad left approach of the site and I think done some justice to our opening declaration of intent.

The Left Archive continues to expand, I think we now have about 50 or so different groups, formations and parties represented there, and well over 200 individual pieces. A raft of new donations from various quarters offer some items of particular interest over the next couple of months. And that A3 scanner I mentioned a while back is on its way.

We’re always open to contributions in the form of posts if they fit the overall ethos of the site. So anyone with something to say, just drop us a line.

So, here’s to at least another spell and to everyone who contributes here, has contributed and will contribute whether in posts, comments or donations to the Left Archive. And for those of you whose contribution is to read it, it’s also appreciated.


1. Tomboktu - June 21, 2010

I think a measure of the success of this blog is that the “recent comments” column on the right-hand side is very frequently too short for you to see how much discussion has gone on in the half or full day since you last visited the site.


ejh - June 22, 2010

Actually I wouldn’t judge the worth of a website by the number of comments it receives, given that I can think of some dreadful ones which are practically drowned in comments…


2. EWI - June 22, 2010

Very well done, guys. The Cedar Lounge is one of very few Irish websites that I bother to visit, read and comment on.

Here’s to another four years.


3. Tomaltach - June 22, 2010

Well done and good luck to the CLR team.


4. Budapestkick - June 22, 2010

Four more years! Four more years!


5. Paul Wilson - June 22, 2010

Well done Comrades.


Mark P - June 22, 2010

Nice work.


6. WorldbyStorm - June 22, 2010

Thanks all. Any suggestions for improving it gratefully accepted, and Mark P, I think I’ve said this before but if you have material from not just SP but like minded int’l parties in contexts which are appropriate (like say Greece and Syriza…) more than welcome…


Mark P - June 23, 2010

I’ll take you up on that when I find something appropriate.


7. Ramzi Nohra 1 - June 22, 2010

Good stuff team. Its the blog I keep coming back to after I have abandoned other blogs.. There’s a good feel to the place, and I can pick up information and viewpoints not represented in the MSN.

Its a great achievement to have kept the blog going with a highly accesible style and a light touch in terms of moderation.


8. Pope Epopt - June 22, 2010

A much appreciated oasis in the NeoLib desert that is Irish political commentary. Thanks to all concerned.

(And I still think a WordPress re-edit button would be a great asset to the site).


WorldbyStorm - June 22, 2010

V. welcome. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated over the last while (by the way I see you’re doing trojan work on the IT website from time to time).

Re wordpress I’ve looked and I just can’t find a facility using this template to allow for a re-edit. I can’t work out is that my inability to find it or it doesn’t exist. This template is quite limited.


9. DublinDilettante - June 23, 2010

Want to endorse what Pope Epopt wrote. If it weren’t for CLR, I’d probably have given up on following Irish politics in despair, out of sheer anger and frustration with the distorting lens of the mainstream media. CLR not only provides prompt top-class analysis, but is prepared to say the unsayable and question the unquestionable, in contrast to our bought-and-paid-for state and corporate media. The tenor of discussion and debate in the comments section is invariably superior to any other forum around. Congrats on the anniversary, and here’s to better times and sweeter victories to report on. The Revolution Will Not Be Editable.


WorldbyStorm - June 23, 2010

Again thanks, can I just say how much I thought your post here http://circumlimina.wordpress.com/2010/06/16/ballymun-in-june-2010/ get’s to the heart of matters?


10. sonofstan - June 23, 2010

Pretty much what D_D said. Ireland’s most necessary blog.


irishelectionliterature - June 23, 2010

I can only follow the praise above and also thank WBS for his ongoing support.


WorldbyStorm - June 23, 2010

Sure you’re a part of the CLR IELB! 🙂

SoS, not sure that’s true. Mind you you’ve written for the CLR too… 🙂


11. LeftAtTheCross - June 23, 2010

Wonderfully sane blog and lots of educational discussion. Long may you continue it.


12. CMK - June 23, 2010

Yes, congrats, and here’s to another four, and hopefully more, years.


13. WorldbyStorm - June 23, 2010

Well, we’ll see about that… 😉


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