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This week at the Irish Election Literature Blog… June 25, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

AK notes that these are ‘not as old as some of last weeks offerings but some decent enough ones too. I particularly like the WCA and Coir ones! The Labour one is also good.’

Definitely good to see some WCA material in there. As always many thanks to AK for the opportunity to see some of the IELB archive.

From 2003 , a classic anti Fianna Fail poster from the group Working Class Action.

A suave, polo necked Eamon Gilmore running for Democratic Left in 1992.

A leaflet for Kathleen Lynch of The Workers Party running in 1987.

From 2005 The Socialist Partys ‘No To The Race To The Bottom’ Leaflet.

With all the talk of Labour being in government, from 1993 – Labour ‘Working Hard For You In Government’.

Finally from Lisbon 1 …..”A Godless Empire”.


1. sonofstan - June 25, 2010

A suave, polo necked Eamon Gilmore running for Democratic Left in 1992

Very Louis Balfour!


2. MentholCigaretteSmokingMan - June 25, 2010

In every election leaflet featuring Eamon Gilmore when he was with the Workers Party or Democratic Left he managed to look like a champagne socialist prat.


WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2010

I don’t know. I always thought he had a fairly engaging appearance. Hard worker on the ground I’m told.


3. MentholCigaretteSmokingMan - June 25, 2010

I’m definately sure about that. He’s been a TD since ’89 of course he has to.

Still appearances. There’s something about a polo-neck that states “I’m a bourgeoise arm chair socialist. Obey my commandments.”


WorldbyStorm - June 25, 2010

Got to be honest, never worn one myself. 🙂 Too much of the art school c. 1965 look about it… although, although, Barney Bubbles might disagree and he was pretty damn radical.

Mind you, if he is a good constituency worker, then he surely wasn’t sitting back in the armchair.


LeftAtTheCross - June 25, 2010

Weren’t the UVF called “blacknecks” because of their black polo-necks? Don’t think they’d quite fit the bill as bourgeois armchair socialists.


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