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The Slippery Slope July 14, 2010

Posted by Garibaldy in US Politics.

This one is for YC. I know he’ll like it. Found here


1. EWI - July 14, 2010

“But… they’re like the Liberal Democrats”

Err, not.


Paddy Matthews - July 15, 2010

Give the Lib Dems another four years… 😉


2. splinteredsunrise - July 14, 2010

Oh, those nativists. They really are a desperate bunch.


yourcousin - July 14, 2010

And yet they are dicating the course of politics here. Thanks for the thoughts G.


Garibaldy - July 15, 2010

No problem YC. Thought that would put you in a good mood for the evening.


yourcousin - July 15, 2010

That’s only the half of it…


Tim Johnston - July 16, 2010

what have they got to do with it?
They’re mostly Democrats, btw.


3. EWI - July 15, 2010

The best is the little touches, like that they’ve had to substitute in a Latin font for Lenin’s supposed slogan (Cyrillic being rather unintelligible to most people), or the use of “Democrat” (rather than Democratic (an old favourite with the GOP).

The irony is that “fearful and naive” applies most appropriately to themselves, of course (who were the fearful in Nazi German and Soviet Russia, one wonders?).


4. Hugh Green - July 15, 2010

If this poster is telling the truth, Obama is to the right of Hitler and to the left of Lenin. No mean achievement.


5. HAL - July 15, 2010

Heres a collection of their posters.


6. opus diablos - July 15, 2010

northiowateaparty?so how come ollie didn’t make the frame?He still has the uniform I’m sure.


7. Starkadder - July 15, 2010

Why no pictures of those evil anti-capitalists General Pinochet, or King Leopold II on that Tea Party poster I wonder?

I’m remembering something I think it was Will Hutton said, that US
society puts quite an extreme emphasis on property rights. Hence
all the stuff along the lines of “a rise in the Capital Gains Tax will lead to
the Gulag.”


EWI - July 15, 2010

that US society puts quite an extreme emphasis on property rights

Are you surprised? A nation of landgrabbers, after all…


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