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This week on the Irish Election Literature Blog… July 23, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

…again, many thanks to AK for yet another stellar round up of political literature… As he says:

A good few items of interest this week. The Fianna Fail is Good for Dublin is very interesting in that it (to a degree) wants to use state investment to tackle the jobs crisis. Something that has been totally lacking in our current jobs crisis. Also for Dubliners has a load of memories and a list of things never done.Its a bit of an old posters week too between Dustin, the Fianna Fail cuts one and the Cumann na nGaedhael ones too.

From 1989 another from my stash of old Eamon Gilmore Leaflets.

Dustin the Turkey “Bringing The DART To Dingle” and other posters.

From 1992 ‘Fianna Fail is Good For Dublin’. Contains details of amongst other things a proposed “£750 million Job Fund” which involved the setting up of “a new holding company” that included some of the semi state companies.

From the 1932 General Election ‘The Shadow Of The Gunman -Keep It From Your Home’ and other Posters from Cumann na nGaedhael.

From 1966 a fully filled Laois Republican Commemoration Committee Easter Draw Card. Note a number of Army Addresses.

From 1987 a poster “Health Cuts Hurt The Old The Sick and The Handicapped”.

A ‘NAMA = Welfare for the Wealthy’ leaflet from the Communist Party of Ireland.

Finally two of the leaflets from demonstrators at last weeks Shamrock Rovers Bnei Yehuda game.

A Boycott Israeli Apartheid Leaflet and A Palestinian Flag with Instructions on how to use during the match.


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