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From the CLR Vaults – Part 3: It’s 2006 – “Honey I shrunk my mind, or the unusual joy of pseudo science…” September 2, 2010

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As part of our continuing series of digging out the old stuff here’s another post. This one dates from some while back, well, 2006 to be honest.

As I wrote at the time:

Anyhow I like to flatter myself that I’ve heard it all, evidence that the moon landings were a hoax, evidence of alien activities on the moon and Mars, alien landings, the Nephilim as progenitors of civilisation (actually that one is great because if you have even a nodding acquaintance to the Fields of the Nephilim you can use them as the soundtrack to your browsing – ignoring the Lovecraftian nonsense on the second and third albums, like you base your lyrics on an invented mythos by a writer of early 20th century horror, natch!).

But no. I was wrong, I really haven’t heard it all.

Ever heard of the Expanding Earth hypothesis?

What brought it to mind was this

Astronomers have declared that the moon is shrinking after spotting wrinkles all over the lunar surface. The tell-tale contraction marks were discovered by US scientists who examined thousands of photographs of the moon’s surface taken by a Nasa orbiter.

Some of the wrinkles are several miles long and rise tens of metres above the dusty terrain. Researchers believe they arise from the moon decreasing in size by around 200 metres across its diameter. The moon’s mean diameter is generally calculated to be 2,159 miles.

Let me say first of all that it’s not quite the same thing. And the Guardian piece is oddly hazy about the time span involved. 200 metres in five minutes or five years would be something. In a million years ago, well, I wouldn’t be quite as concerned. And nor would you.

Indeed the only clue is the following:

Fourteen lobate scarps were identified, at sites as far apart as the lunar equator and near the poles. The features are so pristine scientists think they could be no more than a billion years old.

For the complete story one need only go here.


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