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This weekend I’ll be listening to… Belong October 2, 2010

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Let’s keep it reasonably contemporary. Belong, a duo based in New Orleans producing ambient and experimental music, in a way push the very concept of experimental guitar based music to its extremes, producing material that on occasion, as with their Colorloss Record EP, sounds like it was recorded outside a club where they were playing, so it’s all completely muffled vocals and treble and bass.

That the songs were covers of 60s tracks, ‘Late Night’ by Syd Barrett, ‘Beeside’ by Tintern Abbey, ‘My Clown’ by July, and Billy Nicholls’ ‘Girl From New York’ merely added to the sense of dislocation. It’s hard not to think they’re playing an elaborate joke on the listener until one hears other tracks of theirs where it’s clear that they’re carving out a niche in more experimental areas. Allmusic suggests that they’re good on detail, and it’s true, this is surprisingly busy music, with layers and layer of sounds that contain within them snippets that iterate and reiterate. The ‘October Language’ album is lovely, all rising and falling excursions. Later material is slightly more ambient.

Perhaps the most obvious link is to Fennesz (and with a link to the interesting IDM, and then latterly synthpop outfit Telefon Tel Aviv, one of whose members tragically died). I think perhaps their shining moment is ‘Same Places’, just washes of sound repeating and repeating (available on the internet from the band as a free download, check out the wiki page for the address), but it’s all good. No sign of anything from them since 2008. But one can hope.


I never Lose. Never Really. (nice time-lapse video accompanies it… Kudos to IIC4II)

Beeside [from the Colorloss Record EP]

Remove the Inside

October Language

Same Places


1. Phil - October 3, 2010

Come back Bobbie Gentry, all is forgiven!

I can listen to this stuff, just about, but I have to say I find it a lot more interesting than enjoyable.

Weird black blob effect in that time-lapse video – presumably it’s just the sun burning out the film (or whatever it is they film it on up there).


WorldbyStorm - October 3, 2010

There is that… but I do find this genuinely affecting, particularly on the more ambient tracks. I really like the Same Places piece, although got to admit the video really adds to it, for me at least!

It is an interesting video, to put it mildly.


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