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This week at the Irish Election Literature Blog… October 15, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

…A fine crop this week from AK, both of the IELB and this parish too as a contributor on polls and election data – and very welcome he is too. Anyhow, some very topical stuff covering a number of names prominent on this site and elsewhere over the last few days, starting with…

First off a flyer for someone it seems is highly regarded by many in these parts.

Which leads me onto another who changed his spots…..Found this at home and had to laugh. A 1992 Letter from the Democratic Lefts Eamon Gilmore with “..substance and policy are more important than style and performance.”

Then ‘An Open Letter To The Citizens of Ireland’ from one of the new political Parties the Irish Democratic Party.

The July 2006 issue of The Irish Socialist Networks ‘Leftline’

Leaflet for the SWPs John Carty running in Gorey in the 2004 Local Elections

Finally one showing the different paths of two former residents of the ‘Birds Nest’ home in Dun laoghaire took. ‘Oh Ah Paul McGrath’

And finally finally… “Elect a Worker -Its All a question of Class” an ad for SFWP candidates Jimmy Brick, Tony Coffey and Billy Dillon from the 1979 Local Elections in Galway


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