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Seven tracks for late Autumn… October 30, 2010

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture.

And since this is a music themed morning… here’s seven tracks I’ve been listening to amongst others recently.

Enjoy, if you can!

We’ll start with a sensitive, compassionate and soulful singer songwriter… Mr. Luke Haines.

21st Century Man

His latest album is, to my ears, excellent.

Now a bit of goth…the enormously entertaining…

O Children – [note to the band, not sure I’d have taken a Nick Cave song title as my name] Pray the Soul Away

Actually if you’re not so gone on that you should hear Luxury Stranger who for some incomprehensible reason think that it’s an astute career move to try to blend a note perfect version of the cure with… er… Husker Du. Not my cup of tea, but… it takes all sorts.

Next up some Oi! I’m listening as well to the Angelic Upstarts these days. Sort of goes with the times. Unlike the Upstarts The Business were…erm… no friends of the far left but they always had a snappy power, more than a little bit metallic, so to speak.

Harry May – The Business

Now here, given the week that’s in it, is a paean to the European Union in an EBM stylee. God only knows if they mean it.

Killing Joke – European Super State

The Beach Boys meet feedback… again…

Girls – Big Bad Mean Motherfucker (thanks by the way to nineteensixtyseven who recommended them).

A big shout to all the losers, misfits, bumpkins, rednecks and whoever…from the Monster Magnet linked…

The Ribeye Brothers – Lonesome Rhodes

And last but not least file under “Gary Clail wouldn’t get away with that today round the Houses of Parliament”.

Tackhead – Hard Left

Now there’s a band who deserve their own “This weekend I’ll…”


1. anarchaeologist - October 31, 2010

And for the day that’s in it…


WorldbyStorm - October 31, 2010

Wow, long time since I heard that.


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