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This weekend I’ll be mostly listening to… Textures – Vol 1: Darren Emerson December 11, 2010

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I’ve discussed compilations before, but on the fringes of same, which is why I overlooked it, I may love this mix CD – dating from 1996 – more than any other. Indeed in some ways I may love this album more than almost all others. It was a follow on from Volume magazine’s Trance Europe Express compilations, a series of five or six double CD albums that culled a mix of house, techno and IDM from the early to mid 1990s. Trance Europe Express probably deserves a This Weekend all its own, but, in truth, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Textures saw Darren Emerson, then of Underworld, mix a selection on one CD and Alex Paterson, of the Orb, mix a selection on another. Both are superb, at least to my ears, but unfortunately the latter isn’t on YouTube.

So, we’ll deal with Emerson’s CD. Who did he select? Well, it’s a somewhat eclectic mix.

These timings are approx and relate to the clips below.

Bytesize Nuns – Codpiece (Trouser Torpedo Mix) [Alex Paterson/A Hughes/K Needs… need I go on?];
Moby – Move (Volume Remix) ;
Speedy J – The Fun Equations;

Pulse – Cariño (Silencio);
Moody Boyz* – Glitch ;

Pluto – Rockerfella;

System 7 – Desir (Butterfly Remix) ;

Resistance D – Unknown;
Air Liquide – Chromoplastic; H
Holy Language feat Dr Motte* – Energy;

Acid Junkies – Figment Of One’s Imagination;
Joey Beltram – Judgement;

CJ Bolland – Random;
Eddie ‘Flashin” Fowlkes* – Track 4;

Alaska – Unreleased Project 1 [Laurent Garnier];
Nüw Idol – Ancient Memory

Standouts include the synthesised bassline to Moby’s track which blends seamlessly into the even better The Fun Equations from Speedy J. Also of note is System 7’s Desir, which for years for some reason I thought was Mouse on Mars.

A point was made recently by Mark P that I sort of agree with, that the album form is problematic for dance (even, or particularly, when we expand the definition of dance this wide – precious few would find The Black Dog impelling them out of their seats), and that there’s been far too much effort by some electronic and other artists to slot in. Of course there are many many exceptions, but, when I listen to this, or Warp’s Blech II I think it’s possible to see just how the CD was a perfect step forward for mixes. The tracks here (and on the Alex Paterson CD which is almost equally good) blend, merge, permeate and in places overwhelm each other in a way that more traditional rock forms have in the main tended to avoid. There’s a dreamlike quality to the music, although in truth that is true of many of the original tracks. And Emerson, who one suspects brought beats and heft to Underworld – because they were never quite the same subsequent to his departure, manages to provide a good combination of both as well as more ambient passages. As anyone who used to tape music off the radio will know on cassette, some of the most interesting sounds were those where tracks overlapped.

Highly recommended.









1. dr. motte - December 16, 2010

funtastic and thanx


2. WorldbyStorm - December 16, 2010

If it’s you Dr. Motte thank you. 🙂


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