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Passing of Jayaben Desai December 28, 2010

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Per EamonnCorks comment in the March Election Thread …..

Jayaben Desai, the remarkable woman at the centre of the Grunwick dispute in London in 1976/1977 has just died. I think something about her life would be of interest to CLR readers. A really inspiring woman.

more here

A March Election? December 28, 2010

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A March Election?

Thats the timescale according to an interview with Green Party Minister Eamon Ryan

“It’s not in the interests of this country to have a government formed without a Budget. That is now looking like a March election. I’d prefer to go to an election where it is not a chaotic conclusion,” he said.

Chaotic conclusion?….
Where has he been the last few years?

Predicting the future is a tricky business… December 28, 2010

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…Foreign Policy Magazine, part of the Washington Post stable (which includes Slate) has the following ’10 Worst Predictions for 2010′.

It’s interesting in and of itself, but look at what is at number 6!

So in the spirit of absolute caution that typifies the CLR I’ll make no predictions about next year, but I’d be curious as to whether people have any of their own, serious, unserious or in between!

Irish Political Party Websites from 2000 December 27, 2010

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A Selection of Irish Political Party Websites from 2000 via the Wayback Machine (http://www.archive.org/web/web.php).
Might be of interest. As ever with these sites not all the pages are archived and they can be slow to load.


Fianna Fail

Socialist Party

The Workers Party

Fine Gael

Green Party


Sinn Fein

SWP (from 2002)

Christian Solidarity Party (From 2003)


The National Party

Progressive Democrats (April 2001)

Democratic Left (November 1998)

A Tour of Highgate December 27, 2010

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Just noticed this audio slideshow of Highgate Cemetery on the BBC website. Including of course a couple of photos of (parts of) Marx’s grave should people be interested. I suppose there will be a fair few readers here who’ve been to Highgate. It’s an odd place but worth visiting. The graves around Marx are of some interest in themselves, with people ranging from Iraqi Communists to Paul Foot. Jeremy Beadle is in Highgate too, and his is one of the more interesting graves should anyone find themselves there.

Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week December 26, 2010

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Perhaps it was the Christmas shopping; or perhaps their efforts have exhausted them this year; but there’s a definite feeling that most of the columnists weren’t even trying this week, but their natural tendencies ensure our regular feature can continue.

Ruth Dudley Edwards gives another masterclass in the profoundly trivial, with an extremely bizarre list of reasons to be cheerful. Including such gems as this

Unlike the unfortunate asylum seekers and economic migrants risking their lives, we have innumerable countries that will take us in. What’s more, with computers, Skype and cheap flights, families can keep in touch.

Eilis O’Hanlon, as usual, completely misses the point

That message is particularly relevant at a time when so many people seem to be, for want of a more delicate phrase, getting their rocks off on the recession. You know the type. They’re the ones who said that Ireland had lost its soul during the Celtic Tiger years and that a slowing down of growth would do us all the power of good. Well, they got their wish. Now it’s come, far from being humbled into admitting they were nothing but pretentious snobs who didn’t like the sight of oiks with too much money, they’ve simply got a new hobby, which is rubbing their hands in liberal glee at the sight of so much misery. It’s all led to the development of a new poverty porn in the media, characterised by lovingly detailed accounts of the hardships of the poor in post- Budget Ireland.

And we will finish with Willie O’Dea. A farcical note to end a farcial year under the guidance of a farcical political elite of which he is such a shining example.

We will, in the years ahead, look back at the EU/IMF deal as a significant and pivotal moment in our political and economic history. I suspect that we will look back upon it as the moment when our economic and social fortunes started to turn, and may even come to regard it as a positive development.

A Communist Christmas to One and All December 24, 2010

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Spotted this on Mark McGregor’s twitter account a few days back, and it’s been doing the rounds on email since, so people may have seen it. Mildly entertaining.

Hope everyone enjoys tomorrow, and doesn’t freeze to death or spend it wrestling with burst pipes.

Brrr… it’s cold out there… December 24, 2010

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The image above is a crop from one on the Met Éireann site of both Ireland and the UK both more or less [more, obviously more] covered in snow.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh…

This Christmas Weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… John Denver and the Muppets December 24, 2010

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A seasonal TWIBMLT from yourcousin sometime of this parish and Misanthropy Abroad for which many thanks… Enjoy…

I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit, I really am. Not really working too well, but we’ll see. I personally blame Burl Ives, Rudolph and Santa because I’ve now seen that movie well over twenty times in the last month alone. But since Christmas does fall on a Saturday it only seems appropriate that there be a Christmas themed “This weekend I’ll be listening to…”. And when I thought about that there was only one act that seemed fit the bill perfectly. So I give you all John Denver and the Muppets. May all CLR folks have a happy, safe holiday weekend with their families and those they love.

Meanwhile, back at the Seanad… December 24, 2010

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…I missed it last week, but… in a way there wasn’t, despite a four day sitting (nominally), that much to miss. Let’s hope that next year brings the excitement we crave from the state’s second chamber…

Anyhow, a few highlights nonetheless…


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