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The Lux Occulta Archive… February 14, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, Religion, The Left.

Another selection of documents from the fascinating Lux Occulta blog and its attendant archive which deals with the Catholic Church in Ireland and its history that will have considerable interest to a wide readership.

There’s the Irish Monthly with an article on the 1st Indochina War that will be of interest, Rev. Con Lucey (later Bishop of Cork and Ross) on ‘A Christian Alternative to Communism and Fascism’. More in the same vein in the pamphlet entitled ‘Communism – A Will O’ The Wisp’. There’s also Bishop Browne’s pastoral on ‘The Worship of the State’, and the Irish Ecclesiastical Record which has, as Shane notes an obscure article on French Revolution on pgs 392-401.

It’s a treasure trove of documents from across the 20th century, that are neatly positioned in terms of time and place.

Shane’s trojan work at Lux Occulta shouldn’t go unnoticed, it’s a genuine resource that is growing on a weekly basis. Well worth a regular look.


1. Blissett - February 14, 2011

Connie Lucey was a really fascinating and formidable charachter. Was the churchs man on social welfare, lobbying the govt at times of reform, and sticking his oar in in a very public way. A real bundle of contradictions, took a fairly progressive line on some issues (had a real bug bear about the danger of monopolys in Bread production), a regressive line on other issues (he used the term ecumaniacs in reference to ecuminism) and his attitude to social welfare was a bit of a curates egg. Still very highly regarded in Cork in many circles. If anyone can recommend a book on him id be most grateful


shane - February 14, 2011

Yeah, Lucey was very much a pre-Vatican II man. The Irish bishops seen no need for a council and rarely spoke at it; like his colleagues he did not feel comfortable with the new order. Some of his criticisms of the Council (poor formulation of the texts and the fact that the periti were more powerful than the bishops) are still used in traditionalist polemics.

He was a bit of nuisance for politicians. He got the notorious industrial schools Greenmount and Upton shut down by instructing people to rip up the government’s transfer cards.

Towards the end of his life he went off to the missions in Kenya to join theologian Fr James Good (who Bishop Lucey had famously disciplined for dissenting from Humanae Vitae).


2. Póló - March 5, 2011

The lux occulta link in the first line is defective. The portion “cedar … archive/” should be omitted.


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