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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss… and while we’re talking about the Boss. February 27, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics, The Left.

Enda Kenny interview..in today’s Mail. Given that it’s culled from three years of interviews with Jason O’Toole it doesn’t necessarily add any new insights, but that’s not to say it’s without interest.

Take this for example:

It was also his father who played a major role in moulding his political ideology. ‘I think he did leave two legacies to me politically – one was that you work hard and the second was that you stand by your word. They are very fundamental building blocks in the type of person that you become. You word is your bond here. I was born in Casletbar. ‘He was a man who really had a great understanding of human nature. I think people in his years in the Dáil made an agreement and stood by it. A gentleman’s agreement and that’s the way they got on. Politics today is, of course, very different in the way things communicated, then and now, and all the facilities and all of that. ‘If you were to ask me a straight question, I would say it was his sense of equality for people, whoever you were, you were going to get the same sense of fairness from him. ‘In that sense it was a lesson in politics to treat everybody the same. And it’s a sense of fairness on behalf of all the people.

But is that a political ideology?

Then there’s the point that’s forgotten about his previous political positions… what was it again…

All our three children were born when I was Minister for Tourism and Trade and you were away a lot.


And then there’s his musical taste…

‘I was a big fan of Elvis. Rock ‘n’ roll stuff. I really go through a whole range – some songs make an impression on me, whether it be Waltzing Matilda, or country and western is always good. But The Boss is my man.’ I initially thought that Enda was trying to get ‘down with the kids’ by declaring his fondness for The Boss. And even though I was sceptical about him being a diehard Springsteen aficionado, he soon proved me wrong by answering all my trick trivia music questions. What’s his favourite album or song? ‘It depends on your mood. I mean, Born In The USA was a brilliant album. I just love the rawness of that. Born In The USA or Come On Up For The Rising just gets me in here,’ he said, pointing to his heart. Apparently, Come On Up For The Rising was even his ringtone on his phone. ‘I think he is absolutely brilliant. I think I might invite him to the next Ard Fheis! I like The Seeger Sessions, Devils And Dust, but I think the one for me is The Seeger Sessions. I was down in The Point to see The Seeger Sessions – he blew the roof off. Eighten musicians, it was absolutely brilliant. When all the musicians came on the stage, one after the other, it was like New Orleans gone wild.’

And his love for this is based on?

‘his social comment is so strong. There is absolutely no messing here, this is real talk from a real player.’

Well, let’s hope some of that finds its way into more… concrete… aspects of the polity.


1. westwood - February 27, 2011

Your commentary on the quotations was very entertaining, I must say. Although I will quickly point out your typo right at the end 🙂


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2011

Ouch! Sorry… meant policy…


2. Countess Markievicz - February 27, 2011

Springsteen is one thing; Seeger’s another. I wonder how many trivia questions Kenny could answer about him…


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2011

Yes, that might be telling.


3. LeftAtTheCross - February 27, 2011

The IT travel section did their short 5 question interview with Inda about favourite/worst holiday memories sometime last year. His best holiday was to Lourdes. Said it all really.


Clive Sullish - February 28, 2011

Remember Enda lives near Knock shrine – by comparison with Knock, Lourdes and the surrounding area (on the edge Pyrenees) is awesome


4. Crocodile - February 27, 2011

Summer’s here and the time is right….for demonstrating in the streets.


5. dilettante - February 27, 2011

Won’t Get Fooled Again


6. EWI - February 28, 2011

I have to say that I’ve always liked Inda as a person, I’ve just got serious reservations about the ‘team’…


7. EM - February 28, 2011

Jesus wept (Chapter 104). Im gonna lie back and enjoy the Blueshirts back in power!

Like Inda Im gonna crank up a wee bit of Pete Seeger, oh maybe him singing that long version of Jose Marti’s ”Guantanamera.” Inda might want Richard Bruton to hear that story of, ah, an abortive uprising!

“Born in The USA” – didnt Reagan think that was his favourite record too???

I was there, too, Inda, the night Bruce arrived in the Point in May 2006 to launch The Seeger Sessions. Awesome.

The good and serious news for the Left is that it should study the counts in Sligo/North Leitrim. Sinn Fein won back a seat it lost fifty years ago thanks to a stunning sequence of transfers from a series of Left candidates. Take a look at it. It seldom happens outside big cities. Fianna Fail had achieved 22% of first preference and, most other days, that would have given them a seat but not in the face of such a disciplned transfer down to late preferences with 13 candidates on the ballot paper.


8. Dubliner15 - February 28, 2011

The Mail ran a second part of this with Inda today. Another 2 pages – this time he spoke to Jason O’Toole about his thoughts on gay marriages (surprise, surprise – he’s against them), his anti-abortion stance, why he believes drug testing should take place in schools and uni. And he also said this about his lack of govt. experience, “People tell me, you don’t have experience in government. I say, does anyone ask a woman about to have a child if she has had any training?”
It sounds likes something yer man off The Office would say…


9. EM - February 28, 2011

The Office yeh…or maybe what an American spin doctor might have ordered – ie get the women of Ireland on your side. ‘Mna na hEireann,’ remember what it did for another Mayo leader.


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