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One-Day Conference: Loyalist-Republican Interfaces: The Road to the Peace Process? Friday 4 March 2011, QUB February 28, 2011

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One-Day Conference:
Loyalist-Republican Interfaces:
The Road to the Peace Process?

Friday 4 March 2011

Organisers: Connal Parr, Briege Rice, Garry Watson (QUB)

Session 1: 9.30 – 11.00am:
Speakers: Gary Mitchell, Owen McCafferty,
Margaret O’Callaghan
Chair: Connal Parr

11.00 – 11.15pm: Tea/Coffee

Session 2: 11.15- 12.45pm:
Speakers: Laurence McKeown, Tommy McKearney,
William ‘Plum’ Smith, Roy Garland
Discussant: Kieran McEvoy

12.45-1.15pm: LUNCH

Session 3: 1.15-2.45pm:
Speakers: Brian Hanley, Graham Spencer, Martyn Frampton
Chair: Briege Rice

2.45-3.00pm: Break

Session 4: 3.00- 4.30pm

Speakers: Jon Tonge, Maria Rasmussen, Jim McAuley
Discussant: Richard English

Wine Reception: 4.30-5.30pm

All Sessions to be held in Seminar Room 1, Institute of Irish Studies, 63 University Road, Queen’s University, Belfast

Hosted by the School of Politics, International Studies & Philosophy


Gary Mitchell (Playwright & Screenwriter): As the Beast Sleeps
(1998), Remnants of Fear (2006)

Owen McCafferty (Playwright): Mojo Mickybo (1998), The Absence of
Women (2010)

Dr Margaret O’Callaghan (QUB): Co-author, 1916 in 1966;
Commemorating the Easter Rising (2007)

Dr Brian Hanley (St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra): author, THE IRA:
A Documentary History 1916-2005 (2010)

Dr Martyn Frampton (Queen Mary University, London): author,
Legion of the Rearguard: Dissident Irish Republicanism (2010)

Professor Jonathan Tonge (University of Liverpool): author, The New
Northern Irish Politics? (2005)

Professor Maria Rasmussen (Naval Post-Graduate School Monterey):
author, The Military Role in Internal Defense and Security: Some
Problems (1999)

Dr Jim McAuley (University of Huddersfield), Dr Graham Spencer (University of Portsmouth): Co-authors of Ulster Loyalism After the
Good Friday Agreement: History, Identity and Change (2011)

Roy Garland (Journalist & Writer), author, Gusty Spence (2001)

William ‘Plum’ Smith (EPIC)

Tommy McKearney, author, The Provisional IRA: From Insurrection
to Parliament (2011)

Dr Laurence McKeown, author, Out of Time: Irish Republican
Prisoners, Long Kesh 1972-2000 (2001)

Professor Kieran McEvoy (QUB): author, Paramilitary Imprisonment
in Northern Ireland: Resistance, Management and Release (2001)

Professor Richard English (University of St. Andrews): Armed
Struggle: The History of the IRA, (2003)


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