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Left Candidates from the 1987 General Election April 9, 2011

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The Workers Party increased its vote from November 1982 to 3.8% and managed to double its seats from two to four. Proinsias de Rossa and Tomas MacGiolla held their seats , Joe Sherlock regained a seat in Cork East whilst Pat McCartan won a seat in Dublin North East.
Aside from McCartan and Sherlock there were others such as Eamon Gilmore, Eric Byrne , Pat Rabbitte and John McManus who would now be targeting seats in the next Election.
The geographical spread of the candidates had increased too since 1982 with WP candidates now in Cavan Monaghan, Tipperary, Meath, Limerick and Kildare.
Down in Limerick Jim Kemmy regained his seat and in Dublin Central Tony Gregory held on to his seat also.
So the Left having gone into the election having 3 seats came out of the election with 6 seats.

The Workers Party
Joseph Butler – Carlow Kilkenny 1,664
Oliver Rogers – Cavan Monaghan 577
Joe Sherlock – Cork East         6,986 ** Elected
John Kelleher – Cork North Central   2,628
Kathleen Lynch – Cork South Central  2,349
Seamus Rodgers – Donegal South West  2,512
Michael Jennings – Dublin Central 1,463
Triona Dooney -Dublin North Central  1,643

Pat McCartan – Dublin North East 3,297 **Elected
Philomena Donnelly – Dublin North West  614
Proinsias de Rossa- Dublin North West  6,866 **Elected
Eamonn O Liathain – Dublin South   1,308
Eric Byrne – Dublin South Central  3,946
Andy Smith – Dublin South East    1,250
Tom Crilly – Dublin South East     660
Pat Rabbitte- Dublin South West  5,086
Tomas MacGiolla -Dublin West  6,651 ** Elected
Eamon Gilmore – Dun Laoghaire   4,054
James Brick – Galway West  1,567
Sean O’Grady – Kerry South  735
Colm Purcell – Kildare   1,238
Ferga Grant – Limerick East  246
Donnchadha MacRaghnaill – Louth   570
Seamus McDonagh – Meath  790
Sean Hill – Tipperary South  407
Anthony Wright– Waterford  552
Paddy Gallagher – Waterford 2,855
Michael Enright – Wexford  1,250
John McManus- Wicklow  3,509

Noel Murphy  –Cork North Central 182
Deirdre Buggle -Dublin South Central 186
Michael Wall -Dublin South Central 102
Jean Roche  –Dublin West  72
John Montgomery  -Dublin West   183

Philip O’Connor – Dublin North Central  681
Eamonn Maloney -Dublin South West  223
Michael Conaghan  -Dublin West  600
Jim Kemmy -Limerick East   5,920 **Elected

Brigid Makowski -Clare   644
Tony Gregory -Dublin Central 7,721 ** Elected
Declan Bree -Sligo Leitrim 2,584
Seamus Healy -Tipperary South  1,457

** I’ve linked to candidates Leaflets from that 1987 Election.


1. Brian Hanley - April 9, 2011

The WP candidate in Limerick was Ferga Grant if I’m not mistaken (as opposed to Fergal). She worked at the unemployed centre. Kemmy had most of that vote sown up.
Was the DSP’s Philip O’Connor the same as the guy who writes for the Irish Political Review now?


NollaigO - April 10, 2011

It would seem consistent.
On a different topic the April IPR has reprints of two articles on Murphy’s book “The Disappeared” both accusing Murphy of misusing sources. Neither of the writers is a regular IPR contributor.


WorldbyStorm - April 10, 2011

Interesting Nollaig, who are they?

BTW have your read The Disappeared? Stinging reviews in History Ireland etc. I’ve a copy and I can’t say I disagree with much of the critiques put forward.


NollaigO - April 10, 2011

I should have given the book title as “The Year of the Disappeared”.
One of the contributors is James Fitzgerald, Chairman, Knockraha History & Heritage Society which is just east of Cork city, roughly an area north of the Cork-Midleton road near Glanmire. The other is Pádraic Óg O Ruairc a
PhD student at the University of Limerick. He is the author of Blood On The Banner—The Republican Struggle in Clare and The Battle For Limerick City.
As I mentioned on other occasions on this blog, an electronic sub to IPR is very reasonably priced: 15 Euro


2. WorldbyStorm - April 10, 2011

I think it is the same guy, but I’m not sure.

Funny, I’d forgotten that McCartan came into the Dáil in the 87 election rather than 89. And I bloody canvassed for him both then and previously.


dilettante - April 10, 2011

His Honour Pat McCartan got a good vote from the free legal aid work he did.
Picked up a few votes from the yacht club as well if I’m not mistaken 🙂


irishelectionliterature - April 10, 2011

McCartan was in quite a battle with Sean Haughey for the final seat in Dublin North East….
An ABC News reporter described it as follows..
“A wealthy Marxist lawyer is battling tonight with the son of the aspiring Prime Minister in a cliff hanging contest that could give his father the crucial majority he needs to form the next Irish Government.”


molly maguire - April 10, 2011

“Picked up a few votes from the yacht club as well if I’m not mistaken”

Well unless he got postal votes from Dun Laoghaire then yes, you are.


Daniel Sullivan - April 10, 2011

You know I had Pat McCartan and Eamon Gilmore mixed up in my head for a good while, I had thought Gilmore had been the person who had been earning many hundreds of thousands of punts per year from the free legal aid scheme back when that would have purchase several houses in the pricer parts of Dublin. It’s a long way from living on the AIW that some of those lads were reared it would seem.

Molly, I suspect it is feasible for people from outside of Dun Laoghaire to berth their yachts in the harbour of Dun Laoghaire and to be members of the club there. There might even be some folks living on the coastline of Dublin North East who were inclined towards messing about in boats and who would travel south of the water in order to indulge their passions for all things nautical.

I hear they even have a harbour in Howth these days.


dilettante - April 10, 2011

I think it was Clontarf Yacht Club.
Might have been Howth though.
Not sure which was the more proletarian.


Joe - April 11, 2011

Dilettante, McCartan was a member of one of the Dun Laoghaire yacht clubs. I’m pretty sure it was the Royal George, which I’m told was the poshest one at the time.
Also, I firmly believe that he lost at least a few votes over this as well as possibly gaining one or two.


3. Drithleóg - April 10, 2011

You are correct Brian. She gained considerable media attention during the run-up to the recent general election http://www.politics.ie/current-affairs/141538-granny-claims-willie-odea-told-her-feck-off.html


irishelectionliterature - April 10, 2011

Thanks for the correction. Corrected now. Funnily enough another book has her listed as E. Grant!


Joe - April 12, 2011

I remember Ferga Grant from a WP Ard Fheis in the late eighties. The clár was broken up under various headings. When discussion was finished on a long group of boring motions under Economic Affairs or somesuch, the session on Womens Affairs began. Loads of delegates got up to go and have a stretch or a smoke or a cup of tea. Ferga was enraged and got up and berated the delegates for not taking women’s issues seriously. She was very passionate and effective. Made us sit up and take notice. Seems she still has the passion if that story about Willie O’Dea is true. Fair play to her.


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