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IMF at it again April 13, 2011

Posted by Tomboktu in Capitalism, Economics, Economy, Inequality, Inequality, Irish Politics, The Left.

Last December we noted that the IMF had published a study which showed that (hand-waving over technical details like DSGE modelling here) economic crises can be caused by changes in income distribution.

The IMF?

Yep, them.

Well, they’re at it again, those mad lefty radicals over at the IMF. Now they have a paper (technically, it’s a Staff Note) entitled Inequality and Unsustainable Growth: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

If you would prefer a non-technical blog post by the authors of the paper/note, then have a look at this post on IMFDirect.


1. Earl Williams - April 13, 2011

Does this represent a real change of heart at the IMF, or is it Strauss-Kahn trying to provide himself with some cover as he makes his play for the PS nomination for the French presidentials?


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