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Left Candidates from … The 1977 General Election April 16, 2011

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To the best of my ability Left candidates from the 1977 General Election. None of them were elected.
I’m curious if anyone can confirm if  Eamonn O’Brien was The Socialist Party of Irelands only candidate.

Sinn Fein the Workers Party
Sean Walsh – Carlow Kilkenny 1666
Owen Kirk – Cavan Monaghan 713
Ted Tynan – Cork City     1661
Joe Sherlock – Cork North East  4485
Seamus Rodgers – Donegal  2505
Tomas MacGiolla – Dublin Ballyfermot 1285
Proinsias de Rossa – Dublin Finglas 1317
Raymond McGran – Dublin North Central 1138
Eric Byrne – Dublin Rathmines 1148
Dublin South Central – Andy Smith  1313
Anthony Coffey – Galway West 926
Redmond Sullivan – Kerry South     1065
Fergus Reynolds – Limerick East 262
Donnchadha MacRaghnaill – Louth   1894
Paddy Gallagher – Waterford 4500
John McManus – Wicklow  1231

Gerard McIntyre -Dublin Artane 227
John Montgomery Dublin Ballyfermot -317

Seamus Costello – 955

Socialist Party of Ireland
Eamonn O’Brien -Dublin County North  2189

Socialist Labour Party? (not sure if it had been founded at that stage)
Noel Browne -Dublin Artane -5601
Matt Merrigan – Dublin Finglas 1512

Jim Kemmy Limerick East 2333
Joe Harrington -Limerick East 122
Declan Bree – Sligo Leitrim 1282


1. Tom O'Driscoll - September 6, 2012

Noel Browne was elected in Dublin Artane along with one Charles J.Haughey and his F.F. Running mate.


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