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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Johnny Cash on American Records April 16, 2011

Posted by yourcousin in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Preface, This is my first time using the WordPress interface so bear with me.


I am without a doubt a huge Johnny Cash fan (and I doubt I’m alone in that regard).  Back before you could illegally download an artist’s entire career off the internet I had over twenty-five individual Johnny Cash cds (not just the repetitive greatest hit albums).  Since his career and scope have covered such a wide swath of time and territory I decided to narrow it down just a bit.


Two videos have come out since JC passed (off the top of my head). While I appreciate hearing material that Johnny wrote and or covered towards the end I get the uneasy sense of JC being used as a commodity or being made into a franchise. In that sense I strongly disapprove of the official video for this next song. Kris Kristoffersen I get and I’ll even give Bono a pass, but Tommy Lee, Sharon Stone and Iggy Pop, not to mention Justin Timberlake (I had to look up the majority of them) and the rest are just bullshit.

The other video I actually like, it’s a unique concept that I thought paid homage to the influence that Johnny had on many fans.


1. andy - April 16, 2011

He was definitely one of the all time kings of music let his memory live forever in our conscience


2. ec - April 16, 2011

Johnny and Joe covering Bob. Totally powerful.


3. Chet Carter - April 16, 2011

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have the link to Johnny Cash and Dylan’s performance of Girl from the North Country on his sixties TV show. Which provides a nice link to the article below.


4. CL - April 16, 2011

Cash singing John Prine’s Sam Stone. unadulterated.


5. PaulDillon - April 19, 2011

Great stuff, CL, but it is actually adulterated. He left out Prine’s line ‘Jesus Christ died for nothin’, I suppose’, twice, and replaced it with something quite lame. As a born-again Christian he probably took the line too literally.

Check out some of the best JC stuff on youtube (sorry I can’t do the links);
Orange Blossom Special (at San Quentin with harmonica)

Get Rhythm (on a ’50s tv show)

I still miss someone (in 70s with band, or on his tv show in duet with Joni Mitchell, which is good despite elements of extreme corniness like the studio set and invisible backing musicians).


yourcousin - April 20, 2011

I would agree that Prine’s version (the original) is better. While some of JC’s most powerful works in his latter years were covers there are some covers where I still prefer the original (Cat’s in the Cradle is one and He Stopped Loving Her Today is another). The posted songs are not my favorites per se (though some are) but offered a window into a particular part of a career spanning five decades.


Crocodile - April 20, 2011

‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ – are you a George Jones or a Ray Lynam man, yourcousin?


6. yourcousin - April 20, 2011

I didn’t know they were in competition, but I have to say Jones. Growing up it was just such a classic song for me, and one that will always have that George Jones twang. And that’s the thing, it’s not how well someone does that song, it’s that in my mind no one else can do that song. And I say this as someone who is not overly fond of George Jones.


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