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Reclaim the Unions! Forum for Trade Union Activists April 29, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics, The Left.

Thanks to Mark P for forwarding the following:

Speaking of the unions, this meeting will probably be of interest to a lot of people here:

Leaflet here.


1. Mark P - April 29, 2011

Thanks for putting this up WbS.

Further on building an activist opposition within the unions, the Examiner yesterday had an article about the creation of a new group in the ASTI teachers union:


ASTI Fightback, along with the CPSU Activist group and others, is urging trade union activists to create similar groups in their own unions and to come to the Trade Union Activists Forum advertised above.

And just to clarify something else:

Most but not all of the people involved in initiating this meeting are supporters of the ULA, but it is not a ULA meeting. Nor is this meeting the launch of a new fully formed activists network. It’s a planning meeting for all union activists who want to see a cross union network campaigning for change in the union movement.


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