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To Celebrate an Unexpected Public Holiday April 29, 2011

Posted by Garibaldy in Republicanism.


1. Garibaldy - April 29, 2011

It seems the police in London have a less tolerant approach to guillotines than their counterparts in Dublin



2. CMK - April 29, 2011

‘Private Eye’ have a good dig at these scumbags. Beside a panel of pictures of all the recent royal weddings which ended in divorce, death or general misery for the participants they have placed a ‘Good Luck! William and Kate’.


EWI - April 29, 2011

Brilliant. I was just discussing with some wimmin admirers here of the royals the other other day, how “The Firm” will now for all intents and purposes own Ms. Middleton and any progeny she may have (I illustrated this with the banishment of William’s maternal relatives down the back of the cathedral).


3. Michael Carley - April 30, 2011

A few of us (anarchists, Trots, unaligned) had a republican picnic in Bath, including a British tricolour with `Off with their heads’ across it. The posh boy who roared abuse at us (`It’s our ROYAL family! On the ROYAL Crescent!’) was followed by a drunk who thought we were having a go at Wales, and three fourteen year olds who set fire to the flag.

Of course, monarchy doesn’t breed deference and sycophancy.


FergusD - May 3, 2011

We did the only thing possible and left the country! Viva La Republique! Blissfully unaware there – except for a bizarre headline in a local French paper “Oh my God! Quel mariage!”.

A local small builder I know of left wing persuasion was faced with others in his street organising a royal wedding street party. He told them to bugger off, but they carried on and blocked the street. He forced them to move their tables from in front of his house, remove the poster and balloons attache dto his car etc. He then marched up the road with his golf clubs. Now, not being a glofer I aleays assumed golf club types wore blazers and love the Royals. First thing the golf club “captain” says to my friend when he arrives is “There is to be no talk of the bloody wedding here!”. Nice one. MAybe quite afew Brits are sick of it all.


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