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This Glastonbury I’ll Mostly Be Listening to … The Tax Protestors June 4, 2011

Posted by Garibaldy in Capitalism, Culture, Inequality.

Good story in the Guardian today about plans by tax protestors to target U2 at their headline performance at Glastonbury. Some of the highlights below

Campaigners also want to draw attention the impact of tax avoidance on Ireland’s parlous public finances. “We will be showing the very real impact of U2’s tax avoidance on hospitals and schools in Ireland. Anyone watching will be very much aware that Bono needs to pay up.”

Dr Sheila Killian, of the University of Limerick, said the introduction of a cap – initially set at €250,000 (£222,500) a year – was still generous and left the tax affairs of most working artists unaffected. She said: “Bono’s attitude to what tax is all about is ill thought out. Tax is about citizenship.”

A spokesperson for One, the anti-poverty campaign group co-founded by Bono, said: “U2’s business arrangements have nothing to do with illegal tax evasion and transfer mispricing in developing countries, critical issues which Bono and One campaign on.

“One is currently lobbying for radical changes in the law that would require extractive industry corporations to report payments to governments, to ensure these substantial resources contribute to the domestic tax base instead of being stashed or siphoned off.”

Hoist on your own petard.


1. EWI - June 4, 2011

Note to Dan O’Brien: this is what a real “taxpayers’ movement” looks like, rather than the astroturf business fronts that he champions.

Pet peeve of the day; people still falling for the triangulation bait-and-switch trick that Reagan’s lot first came up with (a pretend compromise that the conservatives immediately run against on the very booby-trap failings that they inserted there). It should be noted that Tol is still at the stage of seeking the ‘compromise’ on water charges (i.e. a universal charge), which it can be predicted will then be run hard against in the press.


2. Alan Rouge - June 5, 2011

Some may find the report by Debt and Developmenton Ireland’s corporate tax policy of interest – http://www.debtireland.org/images/documents/driving_the_getaway.pdf


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