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“We were deceived , We were underestimated , They thought we were asleep in their nightmare …….” June 28, 2011

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-we were deceived
-we were underestimated
-they thought we were asleep in their nightmare
-but we woke up!
-we gathered at the squares,
-we came to know each other
-we started to transform our dreams into reality
-all together
-with solidarity and dignity
-Now it is US who talk, and THEY that are afraid!
-We will not rest in, until those who stole from us, pay!
-We will not go unless all those who plunder our lives
and burn our future, go first!
-28 and 29 of June, 48 hours in the streets!
-All Greece in Syntagma square!
-The midterm agreement shall not pass!

People’s Assembly of Syntagma square 1.34
People’s Assemblies of districts and region
Unions and Syndicates


1. fergal - June 28, 2011

solidarity with the Greek people-some Fine Gaeler was on the radio recently(Creighton?they all say the same thing anyway)complaining about the Greek opposition,New Democracy affiliated to the EPP in EU like FG,they were acting irresponsibly by refusing to back the Greek govt.They want more austerity and no tax hikes bemoaned Creighton?…….but isn’t this exactly what FG want for Budget 2012?


2. HAL - June 28, 2011

Is this Real Democracy/Democracy now an Anarchist front,I only suggest as when one looks through their photos on their web site Anarchist flags are only shown,could be coincidence


ec - June 28, 2011

I’m involved with Real Democracy Now! Ireland and have attended some open assembly meets. It is only really getting organised at present and is 2/3 EU immigrants in terms of participation. It is not an anarchist front. Anarchist flags and literature from political parties and groups – including anarchist groups – are explicitly banned from public events called by RDNI. There are some who might self describe as anarchists in it – this is a guess – but most of them are not members of organised anarchist groupings ie – in Irish context – the WSM. One or two I suspect are but they are definitely a very small minority. If it was WSM dominated – I – personally – wouldn’t be taking part in it. Does that help?


3. itsapoliticalworld - June 29, 2011

HAL – I take it you are talking about Irish Real Democracy Now ? It is open to involvement by anyone and I am told that both the SP and SWP have members involved – although I think that there is very little evidence of a whole-hearted support by the leadership of any left party in Ireland. The left parties seem to me to be deeply conservative and timid about this movement and neither to have analysed in properly nor given in the critical support it should be getting from the left. RDN has a no party flags policy so flag counting is not a very good way of working out who is there. The reason for no flags so far as I can find out is largely the bad experience of left groups who cynically try to hijack these movements without putting in the patient practical and political work needed for them to win confidence from the people taking part, many of whom are new to politics. In Egypt, the movement there came more out of trade unionists, workers, the poor and young people new to politics. The Left parties were largely left on the sidelines.

In a political vacuum and without any political orientation this movement is very much open to being derailed, split by the right, or
otherwise quenched.

So why not get involved and bring your voice into the debate ? Why view it from the outside ?


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