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The Muslim Chef, 400 new jobs and Willie O’Dea was opposed to reducing the Minimum Wage…. June 30, 2011

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If you’ve some time to spare today its well worth watching last nights Vincent Browne.
The topic was the JLCs – why the pay of the lower paid must be lowered further?

Guests were Richard Bruton, Willie O’Dea, Joan Collins and Patricia Callan of the Small Firms Association.

I’d be far from a fan of Willie O’Dea but he was quite impressive especially against the nonsense being spouted by the SFA . (Although it is a bit rich for him to say he opposed the reduction in the minimum wage considering he voted for it.)
Amongst which were claims of “4000 new jobs in Restaurants if the Sunday Premium was dropped.”
An Indian Restaurant having to let a Muslim Chef go because of the Sunday premium, even though Sunday was nothing special to him.

Needless to say Vincent Browne and Joan Collins helped put Bruton and the SFA lady in their place.

Tonight with Vincent Browne


1. CMK - June 30, 2011

Brown’s a real treat tonight. Declan Ganley screeching at Kieran Allen about 100 million killed by communism/Marxism/socialism. Ganley’s obviously read that silly ‘Black Book of Communism’.


2. Niall - June 30, 2011

Really enjoying VB too. It’s not the best format for the debate.


3. micheal2og - July 1, 2011

Last night that Patricia Callan needed to be brought down. Thank Dev for socialist Willie O’Dea. He knows an opportunity when he sees it. Was he ever in the SWP?

As for VB tonight , I loved Kieran Allen’s imperious dismissal of the angry, screechy Ganley. Allen does it so well – a raise of the eyebrow, a knowing smile, an occasional gesture with the finger or hand. Is it true that he is a direct descendant of Trotsky?


4. Joe - July 1, 2011


Willie O’Dea playing both sides of the fence as usual :-). Does he actually believe in anything?


5. Blissett - July 1, 2011

One of the hardy old chestnuts of Irish politics is that discussion of the difference between FF and FG, and intangible though it is, it definitely exists.
O’Dea’s performance the last day is a good illustration. It’s hard to imagine an FGer talking in those terms. They couldn’t get away with it. An FFer can.
Thats not praise, or anything of the kind, mind you.


Joe - July 1, 2011

Michael Ring, anyone?

Btw. Joe at comment four, isn’t me. How is that allowed happen?


6. irishelectionliterature - July 1, 2011
7. Dacey - July 16, 2011

This is true that Willie o’ Dea is playing a great role on both the side and it is not a big matter that Muslims are doing jobs in Indian restaurants since religion doesn’t matter at all they are also humans.


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