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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… Lights Out Asia July 23, 2011

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Following on from last weeks contribution it’s clearly time for something a little quieter, a little more reflective. Lights Out Asia are post-rock/electronica band from Milwaukee who dabble in ambient and shoegaze. I mentioned their Tanks and Recognizers album some years ago, and here from their Eyes Like Brontide album – Brontide for those of you asking apparently means ‘a low muffled sound like distant thunder heard in certain seismic regions’, so that’s okay then, is a further series of tracks. These, dating from 2008, are more ambient than T&R, but mighty fine in their way.

For some reason they’re fascinated by Soviet era iconography and this is, as we can see from some of the samples and track titles, reflected on the album.

Reference points? Well I hear Talk Talk, or even Bark Psychosis in there, but they’re less jagged, more melodic. Perhaps that’s a function of their shoegaze roots. Their stuff is on the most interesting n5MD record label which for those interested in this – admittedly fairly broad – genre is worth stopping by.


“Psiu! Puxa!”

Radars Over the Ghosts of Chernobyl




1. NC - July 23, 2011

great band recommend the Italian group ‘Port-Royal’ and their album ‘Flares’ as a complement.


WorldbyStorm - July 24, 2011

Nice one, I’ll take a listen. I see they’re on n5MD too.


2. diegomasarotti - June 22, 2012

Genial banda, su musica es un viaje total!!! felicitaciones por tu blog, date una vuelta por el mio http://strangersmoments.wordpress.com/, ya agrege a mi blog tu pagina, saludos.

Great band, their music is a total trip! congratulations for your blog, take a tour of the mine http://strangersmoments.wordpress.com/, agrege to my blog and your website, greetings.


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